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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Naughty or Nice Speed Racer

I have to confess I am a bit of a rev-head - always have been, have loved driving since my first boyfriend Nick let me drive his mini at 15. I now have my dream-car a red Mazdza 3 MPS (which has a turbo motor) and boy can this little girl go.

I try to be good and stay at or just over the speed limit at all times, I never drink and drive - in fact I am always the skipper, but there is something about roundabouts and traffic calmers that just pushes my buttons - how I love to zoom around these pushing the accelerator downwards as I exit - just can't help myself.

Then of course there are over-taking lanes in the country - before I know it my little KAZZOOM is cranking upwards to 180 kph with oh so little effort - truly zooming along - Mazda got their Zoom Zoom promotion right!! Fingers crossed that I never meet a policeman with a speed gun anywhere near an overtaking lane. I do come down to 110 kph has soon as I can once I am passed the slow traffic.

Last night on the way home I came across a random breath test bus - always in the same place about every 3 months - now as I said I don't drink and drive so never stress about being stopped, but it is amazing how many cops comment either on my car or like last night called me Mrs Kazzoom (personalised number plates). They even put traffic cones up so I could show off my zig-zagging skills - didn't hit one - of course maybe that was also to see if I was drunk!!

Never happier than when I am zooming along a country road in my little red speed racer. Would love to take it to a racetrack and really let it go.

Oh, and I just love Top Gear (the English one the Aussie one was crap) I wonder how I can get them to fly me over to England and have a drive with the Stig? I suppose that's just something I can dream about.

Have always wished to do a rally one day - but oh well if that never happens I will still die happy just by having KAZZOOM in my life - thanks to my darling hubby for indulging me yet again - as I said he is truly an amazing man who loves all of me (and there is a lot to love).

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