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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh How I Love To See Him Laugh

Yesterday my eldest daughter, son in law and their adorable little girl came over to finish painting my dining room and entry. They have been helping us out with the painting as my hubby just hasn't found the time with all his travelling for work and I'm just a waste of space when it comes to painting.

My hubby has been under lots of stress with his work and seems to have had little to smile and laugh about lately. Well yesterday was no exception, he was working from home trying to get stuff done before he flies out to Adelaide today (he is also working from home today).

We tried to give him the space he needed but a little munchkin loves her Grumpy and loves his drums - for those of you who don't know my hubby is also a drummer. Our other grand-daughter also loves mucking about on Grumpy's drums and keyboard. While hubby is a little anal about his drum kit with everyone else - he loves it when his grand-daughters want to jam. So after numerous trips into Grumpy's study to help him with his work - picking up his papers and handing them to him - I think she was saying - hey Grumpy enough work I want to play with you, she did some drumming. Hubby had to take some photos while she sat on my knee and has downloaded them onto his computer.

A little later after tea when munchkin was waiting for her Daddy to run her bath, Grumpy and the munchkin played the tickle me game - munchkin's laugh is so infectious that my hubby laughed so much his face hurt. Oh how I love to see him laugh, how I love to see that sort of joy on his face.

As I said before - grandchildren are the best gift your own children ever give you and these small moments in time are ones you want to frame.

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