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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Sisterhood Award

I am humbled by the fact that Amanda nominated me for the Sisterhood Award. This award is passed on by women to women who's blogs are in their opinion inspirational or encouraging.

The interesting part of this award is that it is Amanda's blog that started me looking at other people's blogs and so in no small way was the reason I started blogging. It is from her blog list that I found other young blogging women. Some of whom I still follow today - nearly 18 months later.

As part of the award I have to nominate 5 (or more) other women whose blogs I find inspirational and give a reason why.

So I would like to pass this award onto

Melissa - I love checking out Mel's bog - she is a wonderful young Mum who is so honest about her life, including all the bad stuff, she has really strong values and is not afraid to share them by bringing the injustices of the world to your attention. She can be naughty, nice, funny and serious - so every time you visit your are never disappointed in what you find which is why she is on my regular reading list. Melissa inspires me with her honesty and I value her as a follower of my blog. Melissa can be found at the things I'd tell you

Donna's was the second blog I found way back when I started - her blog then was about her journey through a tough and very stressful 5th pregnancy. Her love of her family and her inner strength while facing the possibility of having a child born with downs syndrome is what initially kept me going back. I stay because she is truly inspirational - she has 3 small children at home, is studying at uni, running a house and still somehow keeps a sense of humour. She is also doing what I should be doing and that is losing weight and becoming fitter which includes her getting up at 5 every day to workout at the gym. You can find Donna at fiveby40

Mary - What can I say about Mary - she is witty, she can have me crying and then laughing out loud, she is honest and forthright and a very talented writer. She has 3 adorable children and she loves to cook - she has almost inspired me to cook again - almost. You can find Mary at Gossip, Heresay & Tittle Tattle

MckMama - I found MckMama on Mel's blog - she had a button called Praying for Stellan which sparked my attention. I don't know her real name but here is another young woman full of strength and honesty who has 4 small children. Stellan is her youngest son and early in her pregnancy MckMama was told he had heart disease and would more than likely not survive. He is now six months old and to look at him you would not know that he has had numerous heart operations and is still very unwell. MckMama has a wicked sense of humour and takes the most beautiful photos of her kids which she happily shares. If you want to be inspired you can find MckMama's story at My Charming Kids

Nicole - is a Mum who I found on Donna's blog. She has 2 beautiful boys. When I first read her blog she was pregnant with her youngest son. What kept me coming back was her sense of honesty - she struggled with some very dark days during her pregnancy and her honesty was and still is refreshing. You can find her here at The Life of Us

And while I don't think I can nominate Amanda in reverse a visit to her blog is also a regular stop for me. I have known Amanda since her early teens when we met while I was helping at our church's Girls Brigade. We recently reconnected and it was a joy to find that she and her hubby were back in Perth and now parents to two beautiful girls. Amanda is extremely creative and very active in her Church. You can find her here Amanda's Musings

I am extremely encouraged by the strength, honesty and integrity I find in the young women who's blogs I have stumbled across. It gives me great hope that there is indeed a future to look forward to, for these Mum's are the guiding hands on our future generations.


  1. Oh thankyou! What a lovely honor. I am humbled that you love my little bloggy so much. I tend to think of it more as a cess pit of my overflowing rambles sometimes it really does include a lot of me in it so it's nice that someone out there likes it :)

    Thankyou again :)

  2. My pleasure Donna, you really are one inspirational woman.



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