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Saturday, May 9, 2009

When I Come Back

When I come back I want to be a cat. A well loved domestic moggy just like our cat Jarmie. He gets to lay in all day and bask in the sun on my bed. He gets his dinner on demand. He gets to share our bed at night. He has his own personal slave (my hubby). He gets patted and stroked, sometimes on demand. He has cream, chicken, cheese and corn (all his favourite foods start with C) for treats. He doesn't have to worry about where the money is coming from, he doesn't have to worry about his family - although he does worry about my hubby - their relationship is very strong. So when I come back I want to be a cat, with a family that loves me and spoils me - cause right about now that life seems pretty cruizy to me.

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  1. I once thought I'd like to come back as a bear...you have to know the story to understand that one...but yes, I think a cat would be ideal. Our two are pandered to, even allowed out in the evening when they should really be indoors. We ran out of cat food so they had pink salmon for 2 nights but Henry didn't think much of it...just a common cat is Henry...but little Precious said 'yes, please, and I'll have Henry's too!!" More of an artistocratic cat it seems!!
    Cats are also independent, know what they want and how to get it so, yes, I too would like to come back as a cat...domestic or pedigree doesn't really matter.



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