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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sage Words Of Advice - Or A Heartfelt Warning?

Blog This Challenge 34 is "If I Met My Younger Self" (I haven't entered one of these before, so finger's crossed) Oh and voting starts on the 5th March-9th March, if you feel so inclined.

If I met my younger self would I offer Sage Words Of Advice or a Heartfelt Warning - I'll let you be the judge.

I could talk about having how she will have a baby at 17 and then be divorced at 21 - then meet her soul mate and have 3 more children.

I could talk about learning to manage her money better.

I could talk about many life lessons, but I wouldn't.

Why, because even with the ups and downs that have come throughout my life, I wouldn't change the day to day things for they have made the woman I am today - a kind-hearted, loyal, loving and giving woman.

But there are 3 things that I would tell my younger self to look out for, 3 things that have given me and those I love too much heartache. 3 things that I would change if I only had the chance.

The first would be to "listen to her gut and not her daughter assurances" thus avoiding an assault which can never be erased no matter how much time passes.

The second thing I would tell her is "to push her father in law into getting his chest checked for cancer" even though a doctor will tell him that small shadow on his lung was nothing to worry about as it was, and it will kill him 5 years later at 68.

The third thing, the one I have shed more tears about, I would tell her "to make sure that her grand-daughter comes to her f-i-l's funeral and is not left in the care of her mother's friend" - that way avoiding the life-changing car accident that will happen in the early hours of the morning and will leave her grand-daughter with acquired brain injury, leaning disabilities and epilepsy.

and then I would give her a hug, a long hard hug and tell her to enjoy the journey.


  1. I have no words here, except to tell you that was just lovely. I use that word WAY to much, but it's the only one to appropriately describe what you've written here.

    Thank you for sharing it!

  2. I agree with AFNM..that was a lovely post. Thankyou for sharing. ((hugs)) for the unchangables.

  3. Wow, great post! If only we could go back and warn of some things....

  4. Oh wow, what a great first entry. *hug*

  5. Wow, agonising. Big hugs to you, beautiful lady.

  6. Lovely entry, but I'm heartbroken at the things that have happened.

    I would tell your younger self that one day, you'll meet a young woman across the country with a blog of her own.

    You'll become more important to her than you know, and your words of wisdom and support would help fill a gap in her life left by the loss of her own mother. Your words and warmth will be a saving grace, one that the young woman will never be able to thank you enough for.

  7. A beautiful post. Well done on winning the challenge - you deserve it.



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