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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Things I'd Tell You - Muse Challenge 3

Hi everyone, as the first to respond to the 2nd Muse Challenge set by Madmother I have earned the honour of choosing the next photo for the pictorial writing challenge. For those of you who have missed Challenge 1 and 2 - the challenge was originally set by Melissa at The Things I'd Tell You.

You have a little longer than the usual 48 hours as I will be away until Sunday 14th, so put your pen to blog and in 500 words or less lets see what this photo inspires you to write. I deliberately chose a photo without a person so that there was a different focus.

First person to post their link to my blog will get to set the 4th challenge. Good luck.


  1. I'm in. I had fun with this one, thanks Kakka


  2. Heehee, just didn't want to be first, lol.

    My effort:


    Think I am a very twisted individual. ;-)

  3. Took me a bit a few oppsys but now it should all be up... http://sometimesujustneedtovent.blogspot.com/2010/03/3rd-time-lucky.html

  4. OK, I've got a new up...


  5. Hi Menopausal Mumma, it's perimenopausal Kristin from Kansas. I read about the writing challenge on Lori's blog and decided to bite. Posted on my blog, Wanderlust:




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