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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Someone Missed Me

I have been really busy at work recently with unrealistic deadlines and priorities all because my boss dumped me in it - so to speak. My job is already full on, but to have deadlines suddenly rearranged with little notice means one tired although not grumpy Mumma.

I have been popping over to read the lovely blogs I follow and occasionally commenting, but I have not had the energy to blog myself. Until now!!

I just happened to pop over here and look what I found. Someone (maybe even more than just one) missed me. I just don't know what to say, I am so honoured to think that Madmother thought to post about me.

I will be back here blogging much more regularly as soon as I can. Looking at my schedule I may be away from home a fair bit - I have a trip to Esperance already booked in late April, then another probably in May to Shark Bay and then driving down to Walpole as well. Oh and Albany want me there too. If I thought the world would cope I would attempt to clone myself.

Why am I so busy I hear you ask (well probably not but I will tell you anyway)

I am part way through implementing a total change of look for the Boundary and Site ID signage for all the National Parks, Marine Parks and Nature Reserves in Western Australia. No longer will there be routed timber signs in just three tenure based colour schemes. No, now we are moving to metal sign plates on aluminium and steel supports. There will be different colours to reflect the landscape across this large State. My job now, after being part of the team undertaking the initial trial period in Walpole, which also involved translating the procedure into a Manual and then creating and designing the internal website, is now to assess the various landscape and come up with colour palettes.

Phew - no wonder I am tired. The original trial area has now been endorsed and approved and it only took 3 years. Others are following much more quickly now the initial trials and tribulations (pun intended) have been sorted. I have two more that are close to final approval - which I hope to wrap up by June 30th. So there are probably only 15 - 20 to go. Only, she says laughing hysterically. When was I going to retire?


  1. wow - no wonder you're busy! That sounds like a mammoth task. Good luck with it all x

  2. WOW! That's quite the excuse, I must say! Good luck with this tremendous undertaking, and I'm so glad you're back!!

  3. I missed you too! I checked your blog last night and was going to leave a 'where are you comment' but thought you might be having a blogger break. Glad you are ok still and just snowed under. xx
    PS. You still have to come up for morning tea one day!!

  4. Sound intense but interesting. Lets hop the wheels of bureaucracy can turn faster than they have been.

  5. LOL you know what, I noticed you were quiet/AWOL but I too was too busy to even comment about it *confused*



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