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Friday, March 5, 2010

Six Degrees of Separation

Pretty sure we all know the saying about six degrees of separation. Over the last couple of years it has amazed me how much it is happening. Now I know Perth is a small town compared to Sydney or Melbourne but this is still quite freaky. Here are 3 of the most recent ones.

Case 1 : My eldest daughter got a quote for new blinds in their new home - the rep was none other than one of her high school friend's Dad. I happened to be at her house when he came and it was a while before they worked it out, but then spent ages chatting about 'said' friend.

Case 2 : My middle daughter went to work for a company that is a production house for my work. While there she met a girl who subsequently became our rep. 'Said' rep in now a FB friend of mine. Recently I was on FB and writing a comment on a friend of my eldest daughter's page, I saw a name in her friends list. Thought it might be the wife of a boy whose family I knew quite well and my kids grew up with so nosy me checked it out and it was. But imagine my surprise when on her 'family' list was the name of the 'said' rep from the production company who is her sister.

Case 3 : A friend of my youngest daughter joined the footy tipping comp I run, so I have got to know her quite well. My Mum, who was adopted, has made contact with her 'birth' mother's and father's families and is friends with quite a few of them on FB. Turns out my youngest daughter's friend went to school with my Mum's nephews wife which none of us would have know if not for it coming up on FB.


  1. Ok, that's not a little weird, that's REALLY weird!! Small world, huh?

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I have been around for many years but must admit I have never heard the expression "Six Degrees of Separation". I must have been living under a stone or something!!! Is it the same as Truth is Stranger than Fiction?

  3. Wow, that's freaky! This sort of stuff happens a lot in Adelaide too :o)

  4. Mimsie - six degrees of separation (also referred to as the human web) refers to the theory that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than 5 intermediaries.

    Kelly - yes I wonder if it is because we live in cities that have a much smaller population base that it seems to happen so easily to us. Kind of nice really.

  5. Oh, now I am with you. We always used to say "What a small world this is" when these associations came to light. Trust the modern world to have to have a new expression for it and there are doubts as to whether this could really be followed right through.



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