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Sunday, March 7, 2010

We're All Going On A Summer Holiday

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All the family - except my poor son who has to work : ( - are heading off down to Dunsborough (near Margaret River in the South West) for a long weekend (although not an official long weekend) break. And while Summer officially finished last week, it is still hot and sunny here in Western Australia so it is close enough for me!

First time we will have all spent that much time in each other's company for many years. So there is some trepidation as we are all so different in who we are, but I am putting my positive hat on - this will be great.

We have booked a fantastic holiday home with all the mod cons just down the road from the beach.

image : fotosearch.com

We are packing up board games, cards and some DVDs - all of which could cause arguments as we are nothing, if not competitive with each other. But they could also cause lots of laughter as we take the 'proverbial' out of each other.

I will also be taking a couple of books, so I can adjoin to my room if I need some space to chill. I hope to take lots of photos to share, and I am sure there will be some stories which might be eligible for posting as well. So from Thurs 11 to Sun 13 you won't find me here, but be assured I will check out all your blogs on my return.

image : fotosearch.com

To get me in the mood here is a short clip from Cliff Richard's Summer Holiday - I just loved going to see his movies when I was young.


  1. Will be thinking of all of you and wishing I was there too. Have fun.



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