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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Water Walking Wrap Up Weeks 8 & 9

The pool closes on Easter Thursday - boo. Feeling really bummed that I will have to change my routine, but determined to make this work.

Week 8 - Did 4 days as we went on our family holiday, did 60 mins each day and I have been adding more swimming now to break it up. Not a strong swimmer but can do 20 m of breast stroke and so I am throwing in around 4 of those into the routine. I so missed my walking while away, went to the beach for 1 day but it is just not the same.

Week 9 - Did 7 days of 60 mins each day. This morning there was only me at the pool which was a very different experience - there were some swimmers doing laps but I was the only one water walking and deep water running. I have started adding lunges when walking - using the noodle to help me balance as I just want to mix it up a bit so I don't get bored. I managed to do 8 lots of 20 m breast stroke and 25 mins of deep water running on the spot. I have also added in stomach crunches - well if you can call them that standing up. Basically using the noodle to keep afloat and then bringing both legs up at once to my chest. Takes some control not to drown myself but getting better at it.

See you at the pool


  1. Wow Kakka, you're doing so amazingly well. Congratulations!

  2. You really are doing great! I applaud you for being the only one there and continuing on with it. So exciting to see you achieving your goals! What are you going to do when the pool closes?

  3. It's such a bummer about the pool closing. Have you devised a Plan B yet?




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