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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Water Walking Update - Week 7

This week's wrap up - 5 days (had 2 off because of other family commitments and boy did I miss my time in the pool, but loved spending time with my daughter and grand-daughter too).

Most days 45 mins to 60 mins. I am doing a lot more running on the spot in shoulder deep water now, as well as lunges when walking in the shallower water. My fitness seems to be increasing and I just love being in the water and spending time with some new friends and my 'sister'.

Who would have thought I would be writing this and still enjoying it after 7 weeks. I am so sad the pool closes at the end of the month, have signed a petition to try and keep it open but not holding out much hope of that happening, at least for this year anyway.


  1. That is such a huge achievement. I think when you get to the point where you actually miss exercising on the days you can't do it, it shows that you have made a major lifestyle change.

    Is there another pool you can go to once this one closes?

  2. Congrats on your achievement, that's so fantastic! I'm with Kelly, I think you are officially "hooked!"

    Is there an indoor pool somewhere that you can join? I'd hate to have this stop when you're clearly on such a roll! Good luck in finding one!

  3. Kelly and Joan for your support. There are 2 indoor pools that I will check out in the next couple of weeks, neither are close by so it will mean swimming after work rather than before, which I am scared will mean that some days I will be too tired to bother. But I won't know till I try so fingers crossed one of them is suitable.

  4. Goodness that should have read Thank you Kelly and Joan for your support - must be time for bed for me!!



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