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Monday, March 1, 2010

This Feels Weird

Well today is the 1st March and so my Photo A Day February journey is over, some times I felt stressed by trying to have a photo for each day and finding the time to blog. Today feels weird because I didn't have to do anything, and I missed it - LOL.

Thea over at Do I Really Wanna Blog? posted on Friday about having some great scenery shots minus people that she loved and did anyone else have any to share. So here are two that I am sharing, and I just might share a few more over the next month or so, you know when I feel the need to blog, like today.

Down in Swarbrick Forest (near Walpole in the SW) there is an art trail, one of the exhibits if a golden ring suspended in the forest - as you walk down the trail it looks like it is just there in space (rather than being held up with wiring). It makes for some great photo ops and here are a couple of mine taken on 2 different days.


  1. I love how they frame the scenery. Its a bit like looking through a porthole on a ship. Beautiful!

  2. Wow, that's really cool!
    Thanks for sharing your photos, too. :)



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