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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome To Sunny Perth - NOT

Yesterday afternoon Perth got hit by a storm, the first front came through around 4 pm and the windows at work were bowing in so much I thought they were going to pop, then we got hail - although not as bad as a lot of other areas. See link to FB group photos here (Facebook pics) and you will see how big some of the hailstones were, some of the flash flooding and other damage.

Around 5 it seemed to ease so I thought good time to head home, WRONG, I had just left work, about 2 mins down the road and the second front came through. I have never ever been so frightened in my life.

The wind was so strong it felt like it was going to flip my car, it was so black and there was so much rain you could not see more than about a metre in front of the bonnet of the car, and all the while lightning and thunder were crashing around you.

I bravely kept driving, well crawling really - no one was doing more than about 10 km/h as I just wanted to get home.

And then it got worse - it was like driving through a cyclone, the rain was horizontal, the wind was so strong that is was lifting up the water on the road and spraying it around and it was like driving through smoke (that is the only way I can describe it). Shopping trolleys, large branches and leaves etc were blowing around - one shopping trolley was in the middle of the main highway home.

Flash flooding started happening and in the end I just had to pull over into a parking area, the only way I could do that was to roll the window down as I could not see where I was going. Hence I got drenched, as did my car - and the window was only down for about 10 secs.

I ended up in tears - I know sooky la la - and rang my hubby to let him know, in case he was worried. Gorgeous soul that he is wanted to drive over and save me. But I convinced him to stay at home and that I would ride it out.

Within another 5 mins the worst had past, but I had to drive behind it as it was heading the same way as my house.

It took me another 45 mins to get home (normally takes around 15 from where I was when I rang hubby). There was debris everywhere, including broken down cars, and flash flooding that was, at one point, about half was up my car door. My little beauty handled it well, as I slowly drove through the water. While other people plowed through fast and then broke down.

When I got home our entrance was flooded as the water had come under the doors and in around the window, but not too bad as my hubby was home when it started and could use towels to start soaking it up. Considering the damage in other suburbs our place only caught the edge of the storm as it passed.

And at the end, there was the most amazing sunset - this photo was taken by my daughter who lives a few streets behind us.

Oh and my peeve, what is with bloody 4WD drivers who try and push you out of the way because they can go through water and over kerbs? And yes, I was swearing at you (more than one of you) and not saying nice words, you bozzo.

Had to miss swimming this morning though as the pool had no power and was closed, hence I had time to write this post before work.


  1. Oh Kakka, you poor thing. That sounds utterly horrendous, and having driven back from Sydney to Newcastle during the storm that caused our flood a year or so back I understand how harrowing that must have been for you. Hugs xxx

  2. Wow, truly terrifying. So glad you all came out of it okay.

  3. Jeepers. I saw the footage on the late news last night- fierce stuff!

  4. Glad things are mostly okay at your place and that you made it home safely.

  5. Oh wow. This must have been so much worse than the storms last year? As horrible as it sounds though, it's beautiful. Love x

  6. Oh, my goodness, that sounds so terrifying!! So glad you made it through! For the record, I hate those stupid 4WD buggers, too!!

  7. Oh that sounds incredibly scary. I am glad that you got home ok and that there was not too much damage at home.



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