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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Things I'd Tell You - Muse Challenge 2

Madmother won the first challenge and got to pick the 2nd photo for us to blog about. We have 48 hours and 500 words.

So here goes:

She never used to be a bad girl, but all that changed and so she adopted the 'goth' look. That sort of suited her as she could keep people at an arm's length. She didn't really want them to get too close, to really know her. She had been hurt too many times by letting people in, allowing them to get close and then they would wound her in some way.

It had started when she was just a little girl and that older boy next door had tried to molest her, and her Dad had blamed her. She was only 7, how could she be a temptress?

Then in Year 7 she thought she was so grown up and had a boy friend, and then he too had pressured her for sex. She had said no, but she started to wonder, maybe it was her after all.

High School had been no better, all the boys seemed to want was sex and all the girls seemed to think she gave out, even though she was still a virgin while she knew many of them were not. She heard them giggle when she passed. She had given up trying to be their friend.

There was that one teacher, teaching them drama, all the girls drooled over him, and he showed her more attention than any of them, but then he too just wanted to go to bed with her - he broke her heart, she thought he really cared.

So could people blame her for finally taking on the 'bad' girl persona - dying her beautiful red hair black, ringing her eyes with heavy make up, getting piercings, black nails, black lipstick. After all they thought she was bad and so that was who she became, out on the streets, picking up men, she knew they only wanted her for sex, but now it was on her terms or was it.

Her philosophy became - Let them all leave me alone, she was happy on her own. Well that is what she told herself anyway, but there were still days when she would dream ... I mean, even girls like her could dream, couldn't they?


  1. Fantastic! And you get to do the next one in 44 or so hours, lol...

  2. REALLY well done! You are a fantastic writer! I want to give this character a hug!!

  3. Well done,Karen. I'm having trouble with this one. I know where I want to go, but I can't seem to make it flow.

  4. Awesome work, I'm impressed!

    I'm starting to think my last effort was beginner's luck, I'm having trouble with this one too.

  5. This is terrific! I really feel for your character! (and NO not beautiful red hair? Oh what a crime! :) )



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