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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I now have 6 days off - time filled with :

person maintenance (swimming, drs appointment, manicure, massage and picking up new glasses - all Thursday - oh and taking my car to be assessed after minor hail damage from the storm).

catching up with friends (dinner on Good Friday)

catching up with family (everyone - except my son who will be working - for breakfast on Sunday and my eldest grand-daughter staying the night)

reading - sometime in between

and chocolate, Mmmmm, left the best bit for last - chocolate Mmmm - I think I told her about chocolate once before.

May all of you have a happy Easter, be safe, be kind to yourself and your family and no matter what your religion, I hope you celebrate in a way that fulfills your life and refills your heart.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Muse Wars Challenge 6

They stood, a father and a son, the distance separating them used to be filled by a woman and now she was gone.

He had been the bread-winner leaving the parenting to her. He had worked 2 jobs so they could survive and have their small home by the beach. She stayed at home to raise their son. He loved him, but he knew so little about him, even less about how to be his father and mother rolled into one.

He stood there, wondering if his father could fill the gap his mother's death had left. His dad was always at work, and his mum had been the one to tend his scrapes, to read him stories, to put him to bed. She was the one that woke him with a song in the morning, making him breakfast long after his father had left for work.

They both looked out to sea, the place where she loved to come, to swim, to relax. How many times had she streaked out into the water leaving them both to watch from the shore - each near each other but not connected.

She was the one that made the family unit complete, and now she was gone.

And so they stood, next to each other but not together. Each deep in their thoughts, each missing her in their own way.

He missed her completing his whole, he missed her in his bed, he missed her advice and support.

He missed her completing his whole, he missed her putting him to bed, he missed her caring and support.

The two of them so much alike, missing her so much and afraid to reach out to the other because she was no longer there to connect them.

As the sun set, the father finally reached out his hand and it was grasped by his son. They turned their backs on the beautiful sunset, her ashes had long washed out to sea, and they walked back to their house by the beach.

She smiled, knowing that each of them had it within themselves to make this work. She longed to be with them still, but looking down, she knew that she was the glue that would keep them together even though she was no longer here.

Someone Missed Me

I have been really busy at work recently with unrealistic deadlines and priorities all because my boss dumped me in it - so to speak. My job is already full on, but to have deadlines suddenly rearranged with little notice means one tired although not grumpy Mumma.

I have been popping over to read the lovely blogs I follow and occasionally commenting, but I have not had the energy to blog myself. Until now!!

I just happened to pop over here and look what I found. Someone (maybe even more than just one) missed me. I just don't know what to say, I am so honoured to think that Madmother thought to post about me.

I will be back here blogging much more regularly as soon as I can. Looking at my schedule I may be away from home a fair bit - I have a trip to Esperance already booked in late April, then another probably in May to Shark Bay and then driving down to Walpole as well. Oh and Albany want me there too. If I thought the world would cope I would attempt to clone myself.

Why am I so busy I hear you ask (well probably not but I will tell you anyway)

I am part way through implementing a total change of look for the Boundary and Site ID signage for all the National Parks, Marine Parks and Nature Reserves in Western Australia. No longer will there be routed timber signs in just three tenure based colour schemes. No, now we are moving to metal sign plates on aluminium and steel supports. There will be different colours to reflect the landscape across this large State. My job now, after being part of the team undertaking the initial trial period in Walpole, which also involved translating the procedure into a Manual and then creating and designing the internal website, is now to assess the various landscape and come up with colour palettes.

Phew - no wonder I am tired. The original trial area has now been endorsed and approved and it only took 3 years. Others are following much more quickly now the initial trials and tribulations (pun intended) have been sorted. I have two more that are close to final approval - which I hope to wrap up by June 30th. So there are probably only 15 - 20 to go. Only, she says laughing hysterically. When was I going to retire?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Muse Wars - Challenge 6

Originally started by Melissa @ The Things I'd Tell You, the Muse Wars continued with the 2nd challenge set by Tanya @ Madmother, and the 3rd by me, the 4th challenge by Lori @Random Ramblings of a SAHM, and the 5th challenge by Gemma @ sometimes you just need to vent.

Now it is my turn again. The first person to link their story to this post will win the right to choose the next photo and set Challenge 7.

Are you up for it? Anyone can join in, you just need to write a story as your interpretation of the photo in less that 500 words (although certain lovely ladies sometime go over this limit - LOL). How nice would it be for some new bloggers to join in, it really is good fun.

So, ready, set, go - I for one can't wait to see what wonderful short stories pop up.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome To Sunny Perth - NOT

Yesterday afternoon Perth got hit by a storm, the first front came through around 4 pm and the windows at work were bowing in so much I thought they were going to pop, then we got hail - although not as bad as a lot of other areas. See link to FB group photos here (Facebook pics) and you will see how big some of the hailstones were, some of the flash flooding and other damage.

Around 5 it seemed to ease so I thought good time to head home, WRONG, I had just left work, about 2 mins down the road and the second front came through. I have never ever been so frightened in my life.

The wind was so strong it felt like it was going to flip my car, it was so black and there was so much rain you could not see more than about a metre in front of the bonnet of the car, and all the while lightning and thunder were crashing around you.

I bravely kept driving, well crawling really - no one was doing more than about 10 km/h as I just wanted to get home.

And then it got worse - it was like driving through a cyclone, the rain was horizontal, the wind was so strong that is was lifting up the water on the road and spraying it around and it was like driving through smoke (that is the only way I can describe it). Shopping trolleys, large branches and leaves etc were blowing around - one shopping trolley was in the middle of the main highway home.

Flash flooding started happening and in the end I just had to pull over into a parking area, the only way I could do that was to roll the window down as I could not see where I was going. Hence I got drenched, as did my car - and the window was only down for about 10 secs.

I ended up in tears - I know sooky la la - and rang my hubby to let him know, in case he was worried. Gorgeous soul that he is wanted to drive over and save me. But I convinced him to stay at home and that I would ride it out.

Within another 5 mins the worst had past, but I had to drive behind it as it was heading the same way as my house.

It took me another 45 mins to get home (normally takes around 15 from where I was when I rang hubby). There was debris everywhere, including broken down cars, and flash flooding that was, at one point, about half was up my car door. My little beauty handled it well, as I slowly drove through the water. While other people plowed through fast and then broke down.

When I got home our entrance was flooded as the water had come under the doors and in around the window, but not too bad as my hubby was home when it started and could use towels to start soaking it up. Considering the damage in other suburbs our place only caught the edge of the storm as it passed.

And at the end, there was the most amazing sunset - this photo was taken by my daughter who lives a few streets behind us.

Oh and my peeve, what is with bloody 4WD drivers who try and push you out of the way because they can go through water and over kerbs? And yes, I was swearing at you (more than one of you) and not saying nice words, you bozzo.

Had to miss swimming this morning though as the pool had no power and was closed, hence I had time to write this post before work.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Phobia

Way back in the mid 70s I made the mistake of reading a Peter Benchley book called Jaws. This was further compounded by being taken to the movie version of the book on my first official one on one time date by my hubby. I think I have mentioned that in older posts.

Even before reading the book and seeing the movie, I had a fear of sharks. I have never been comfortable swimming in the ocean or even a river because of that fear. Bull sharks which quite often frequent river systems are even more aggressive than Great Whites.

Now I know the chances of being bitten by a shark are infinitesimal, but it doesn't stop my phobia.

When we were on holidays we went swimming in the ocean, well really it is a very shallow, protected bay, but still salt water and still part of the greater Indian Ocean. The whole time I looked for sharks. Here I was trying to enjoy myself with my hubby, eldest grand-daughter and son in law, and all I could think of was sharks. There might be sharks. Every little bit of seaweed that wafted past my legs or feet caused me panic. My hubby pointed out little baby fish swimming around us, then some slightly larger whiting. My thoughts - oh oh, sharks eat fish.

How the hell do I get over this? It drives me insane. I am a grown woman, I know the odds (which I said are so small) and yet my adrenaline is on overtime the whole time I am in the water. Pitiful really.

Imagine Waking Up Here Everyday

Blog This Challenge No 37 - A Room With A View

Last last year we discovered this amazing place called Hilltop Studios in Margaret River (WA).

This was the view from our Studio. At various times of the day you could see kangaroos and cows and a never ending display of honeyeaters and other birds stopping in to visit the grevilleas right outside the window. At night there were endless stars and one night we had a lightning storm to end all lightning storms. Even the bathroom had this view.

Needless to say - we are going back.

Water Walking Wrap Up Weeks 8 & 9

The pool closes on Easter Thursday - boo. Feeling really bummed that I will have to change my routine, but determined to make this work.

Week 8 - Did 4 days as we went on our family holiday, did 60 mins each day and I have been adding more swimming now to break it up. Not a strong swimmer but can do 20 m of breast stroke and so I am throwing in around 4 of those into the routine. I so missed my walking while away, went to the beach for 1 day but it is just not the same.

Week 9 - Did 7 days of 60 mins each day. This morning there was only me at the pool which was a very different experience - there were some swimmers doing laps but I was the only one water walking and deep water running. I have started adding lunges when walking - using the noodle to help me balance as I just want to mix it up a bit so I don't get bored. I managed to do 8 lots of 20 m breast stroke and 25 mins of deep water running on the spot. I have also added in stomach crunches - well if you can call them that standing up. Basically using the noodle to keep afloat and then bringing both legs up at once to my chest. Takes some control not to drown myself but getting better at it.

See you at the pool

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Things I'd Tell You - The Muse Wars Challenge 5

Originally started by Melissa @ The Things I'd Tell You, the Muse Wars continued with the 2nd challenge set by Tanya @ Madmother, and the 3rd by me and the 4thchallenge by Lori @ Random Ramblings of a SAHM. Challenge 5 has been set by Gemma @ sometimes you just need to vent

Anyone can join in, you just need to write a story as your interpretation of the photo in less that 500 words and then link to Gemma's blog.

Who did he think he was, striding in to the village, tall and dark with piercing cobalt eyes - sure he was handsome, sure he got her loins hot and bothered, but he was a stranger, his blood rite was not known and yet they all swooned before him like he was their saviour. The one that would bring them riches, the one that would bring sunshine back to them and yet she knew he was no match for her.

She was only 18, but she was powerful. Her raven hair and black eyes against her porcelain skin brought all the men to their knees. Her wish was their command. Just like her mother before her she was born to to fulfill the prophecy. She would not be denied.

She brooded while she drank the dark red liquid, furious that they thought he could control her. She would show them all. Throwing the glass against the wall she strode out into the night, determination pulsing through her. She would not be denied the rite of the blood pumping through her veins.

And so she summoned the storm. Standing below the vortex of dark clouds, she danced and sang to the Powers and they answered. Lightning flashed down in every increasing numbers until the fields around her were burnt to ash. Yet she stood there untouched, her dark hair streaming upwards as the wind howled around her. Her black eyes reflecting the lightning storm.

Here they came, those poor creatures, torches in hand, wailing about their lost crops. Let them understand that her fury could destroy them, they would not burn her at the stake like her mother. For she was the strongest and she would crush them like ants beneath her foot and tear their saviour to shreds. She was not known as The Shrew for nothing.

While We Were Away - In Pictures and a Few Words

While We Were Away :

We got to eat ice-cream

Me on a table on my own as I don't like squishing

Big and little cousins together

We also went to

the beach and had a swim

and made sandcastles

One of us bought a fishing rod and took others to watch while he

caught blowies

and one real fish, to which his daughter at dinner said 'sandshoo Daddy for catching me a fish for dinner' (obviously the 2 year old and sandshoo is thank you if you didn't work that out)

Some of us relaxed at night (and during the day) and

Read books

While too many of us were digitally connected to the outside world or playing computer games, we did also play Scrabble (with a board and tiles), Uno and Poker with real cards - so all was not lost!!

One day after lunch we

took photos of painted cows

A lucky one of us

got put in a tree for photos

Another one of us

let the inner bogan (or should that be child?) come out

A special couple of us

got to feed lambs milk at Wonky Windmill Farm

And one of us walked into a glass door and left a face print on Friday night then trod on a bee on Saturday night - but she is okay, sadly the bee died but the door is still intact. And yet another one of us broke the toilet seat and fell on the floor, just as we were leaving for home - oops.
Oh, and it was not me.

The good outweighed the bad, we all managed to stay sane and no major fights happened, so all in all a good time for all of us I think.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Things I'd Tell You Challenge - Muse Wars 4

Originally started just a week or so ago by Melissa @ The Things I'd Tell You, the Muse Wars continued with the 2nd challenge set by Tanya @ Madmother, and the 3rd by me. This, the 4th challenge was set by Lori @ Random Ramblings of a SAHM. Anyone can join in, you just need to write a story as your interpretation of the photo in less that 500 words and then link to Lori's blog.

God, here they where in a foreign city, driving on the wrong side of the road, down a busy city street and night was falling. Jet lagged, she had obviously taken a wrong turn, their hotel was nowhere in sight. Maybe they should just ask someone directions, but they were 2 women on their own, on their first overseas holiday. But hey, this was a big city, they should be right, shouldn't they?

"What about that nice man over there", her friend asked, "maybe we could ask him?"

But she was too scared and so she drove on further, turning blindly down streets, trying to get back to where they should be. Why didn't she hire that NavMan thingy, she scolded herself. Trying to save a little hard earned cash and now they were totally lost.

"How about we park here her", friend said, "and buy a NavMan or whatever in that electrical store? It really will make it easier for us while we are here, I mean we are so lost and we only got off the plane a couple of hours ago. Imagine how lost we could get in the week we are here" her friend calmly asked. Seemed to make sense now.

So she parked the car and shelled out more money than it would have cost to hire the bloody thing. When she got back they plugged it in and typed in the address. Imagine their surprise when it answered back in French instead of English - how could she have forgotten they were in France. They both burst out laughing, oh the stories they would have to tell when they got back home.

Now if they could just find their hotel!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Things I'd Tell You - Muse Challenge 3

She tossed and turned, tangling the bed sheets around her legs. God she was hot, she was so sick and tired of this relentless hot, dry easterly wind. Every window rattled as it gusted, blowing hard against the old house.

The constant noise was driving her insane. The trees whipping around outside her bedroom window, their shadows creating a weird dance upon the bedroom wall, back-lit by the full moon. The grasses whispering and hissing like some ghostly presence as the wind pushed and pulled them in its ebb and flow. She slammed the window closed, pulling the blinds across in her fury - she needed to sleep.

She woke, startled by the crash as another pot plant gave in to the constant pressure of the wind and fell on its side. Sunlight was streaming in the cracks in the blinds and still the wind howled. For days and nights on end this wind had announced it's presence in the constant noise that seemed to surround her house.

She was fractious, not getting enough sleep, being cooped up inside during the hot, hot summer. She felt like she wanted to rip her head off, to relieve the pressure in her sinuses, the constant itchiness of her eyes and ears. Her throat so dry, leaving her parched, no matter how much water she drank. Her allergies raging in protest against the pollen and dust that somehow made it inside her house even when she was forced to close the windows to keep out the noise and the heat.

She longed for the cool winter rains, to hear their soothing beat on her roof. Surely it was time for some rain. She was over the constant blue of the sky, barely broken by a wispy white cloud. But summer loomed on before her, another month at least before there was even the slightest hope of rain.

She tried to soothe herself in the shower, allowing her mind to wander, to dream that she was standing under a cool winter's downpour, feeling the water flow over her skin, cooling and soothing, slowly taking away the tension. Soon, soon she told herself, soon the rain will come, the relief she so longed for. Soon ....

While I Am Away

The Blog This Challenge 35 is now open for voting, if you like my post (relinked here) please pop over to Blog This and vote for me. Or if you like someone elses entry better then please vote for them. It's all about sharing the love in the name of blogging.

The Things I'd Tell You - Muse Challenge 3

Hi everyone, as the first to respond to the 2nd Muse Challenge set by Madmother I have earned the honour of choosing the next photo for the pictorial writing challenge. For those of you who have missed Challenge 1 and 2 - the challenge was originally set by Melissa at The Things I'd Tell You.

You have a little longer than the usual 48 hours as I will be away until Sunday 14th, so put your pen to blog and in 500 words or less lets see what this photo inspires you to write. I deliberately chose a photo without a person so that there was a different focus.

First person to post their link to my blog will get to set the 4th challenge. Good luck.

I'll Be Back

Just like Arnie - I'll be back (in a few days) - and I will catch up on all your posts (eventually).

Be kind to yourself while I'm gone.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Things I'd Tell You - Muse Challenge 2

Madmother won the first challenge and got to pick the 2nd photo for us to blog about. We have 48 hours and 500 words.

So here goes:

She never used to be a bad girl, but all that changed and so she adopted the 'goth' look. That sort of suited her as she could keep people at an arm's length. She didn't really want them to get too close, to really know her. She had been hurt too many times by letting people in, allowing them to get close and then they would wound her in some way.

It had started when she was just a little girl and that older boy next door had tried to molest her, and her Dad had blamed her. She was only 7, how could she be a temptress?

Then in Year 7 she thought she was so grown up and had a boy friend, and then he too had pressured her for sex. She had said no, but she started to wonder, maybe it was her after all.

High School had been no better, all the boys seemed to want was sex and all the girls seemed to think she gave out, even though she was still a virgin while she knew many of them were not. She heard them giggle when she passed. She had given up trying to be their friend.

There was that one teacher, teaching them drama, all the girls drooled over him, and he showed her more attention than any of them, but then he too just wanted to go to bed with her - he broke her heart, she thought he really cared.

So could people blame her for finally taking on the 'bad' girl persona - dying her beautiful red hair black, ringing her eyes with heavy make up, getting piercings, black nails, black lipstick. After all they thought she was bad and so that was who she became, out on the streets, picking up men, she knew they only wanted her for sex, but now it was on her terms or was it.

Her philosophy became - Let them all leave me alone, she was happy on her own. Well that is what she told herself anyway, but there were still days when she would dream ... I mean, even girls like her could dream, couldn't they?

Memories on Monday - When I Turned 12

The year I turned 12 was a year of change for me. I started at a new school, in Year 7 which here in Perth is the final year of primary school.

My parents divorced and my mother re-married. I had to get used to having a step-father, who actually is a fantastic man, but boy did I give him curry that year - sorry Pop.

I wore my first bra for a few hours (a 2nd hand training bra from my cousin) even though I did not need one - but all the other girls were getting boobs and I wasn't, so tissues filled it out - LOL.

I missed all my school friends from my old school and never really made any at the new ones, thankfully that changed the following year when I started high school and met some great girls.

I always felt like the odd one out that year. No boobs, no friends, new house, new school, but I also had my first boyfriend - even though that only lasted a few weeks - he was new to the school as well. He was a year older than me and had come over from England, so I thought it was all great, until he asked me to have sex ... so it was goodbye and don't talk to me again, thank you very much!! I mean I was 12!

I'm sure that all girls of 12 feel awkward, it is the time between childhood and being a teenager, but even though so many things seemed to be hard that year, I still look fondly back as these photos and think that life really wasn't too bad after all.

My 12th birthday party, that's me with the long white socks with my brother and 2 friends of the family - oh and the boyfriend is on the end. Oh and the dress was a gorgeous mustard colour, with brown and white checked collar that my Mum made.

This is my Mum and Step-Dad's wedding, the first time I got to wear stockings - and yes they were stocking with suspenders, not pantyhose. I still have the soft lemon bridesmaid dress with lace sleeves that Mum made in my wardrobe.

Blog This Challenge 35 - How Things Change

Blog This Challenge 35: You've Come A Long Way Baby - Take us on a journey. Your journey. Something you've achieved, somewhere you've travelled, someone you've become. How has it challenged or changed you?

So here is my story - and if you would like to vote for me, then voting starts on Thurs 11
th to Tues 16th March.

I'm 55, I'm overweight (well if I am truthful I am obese) and I decided 2010 was the year this was going to change. And so I started going to the pool. This was a huge obstacle for me to overcome. I know what I look like naked, I hate it so much I avoid mirrors like the plague. Yet I found the courage, with the help of one of my 'sisters', to get into the pool and to exercise.

We made a commitment to each other to do 3 days a week - Mon, Weds, Fri and for the first 2 weeks we did just that. I now go 7 days a week if I can - I do 45-90
mins per day of walking, running and swimming and I feel good about myself for the first time in years.

After week 2 I even bought bathers, which in itself was another challenge especially as when I walked into the swimsuit store the woman was no more than 25 and no bigger than a size 8 - I kid you not. But somewhere I found the courage to try on bathers, talk to her about my concerns and come away with a 3 piece set.

It took me another week to actually wear the bathers to the pool - I mean I look like a large lumpy black sausage - but now it means nothing to me - I can walk into the pool and not care - because I am doing this for me, no-one else, just me.

I am still obese but I am taking back control and I will win this battle before it kills me - you just watch!

For anyone out there who needs encouragement to do the same thing, let me know, I will follow your blog and encourage you all the way. One unexpected thing I have found in cyberspace is a new lot of friends who have been there supporting me pretty much every single week. My heartfelt thanks are sent to the ladies who don't know me from Adam, but take the time in their busy lives to make me feel that someone cares.

To explain my journey a little further, I thought I would share with you a post I wrote in Jan 2009 on a day when I was feeling particularly down and angry at myself. Just over 12 months later, while I am still obese, I am feeling so empowered about the changes I am making in my life.
Lost and Found
I've lost this girl
Where can she be
Can I find her
Let me see

I've looked in the mirror
She isn't there
Someone strange
Looks back from there

She's in my head
She's in my heart
Now comes the hardest part

She's in my head
She's in my heart
But can't you see
She isn't really lost to me

She is me when I was young
When my life was full of fun
When I felt filled with grace
Before I found this older face

She is me before I aged
Before my weight
Before self hate

She is me before
When I could look
and like what I saw

She is me and she is here
Somewhere in my soul
She is part of me the whole

She is who I was
She never really left because
She's in my head
She's in my heart

She will always be a part
A part of all the girls I've been
Of the woman I've become

If you look close
You'll see that smile, that face
You'll see she still has that grace

You may have to look hard
But persevere
Cause she is really
standing here

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Water Walking Update - Week 7

This week's wrap up - 5 days (had 2 off because of other family commitments and boy did I miss my time in the pool, but loved spending time with my daughter and grand-daughter too).

Most days 45 mins to 60 mins. I am doing a lot more running on the spot in shoulder deep water now, as well as lunges when walking in the shallower water. My fitness seems to be increasing and I just love being in the water and spending time with some new friends and my 'sister'.

Who would have thought I would be writing this and still enjoying it after 7 weeks. I am so sad the pool closes at the end of the month, have signed a petition to try and keep it open but not holding out much hope of that happening, at least for this year anyway.

We're All Going On A Summer Holiday

image : fotosearch.com

All the family - except my poor son who has to work : ( - are heading off down to Dunsborough (near Margaret River in the South West) for a long weekend (although not an official long weekend) break. And while Summer officially finished last week, it is still hot and sunny here in Western Australia so it is close enough for me!

First time we will have all spent that much time in each other's company for many years. So there is some trepidation as we are all so different in who we are, but I am putting my positive hat on - this will be great.

We have booked a fantastic holiday home with all the mod cons just down the road from the beach.

image : fotosearch.com

We are packing up board games, cards and some DVDs - all of which could cause arguments as we are nothing, if not competitive with each other. But they could also cause lots of laughter as we take the 'proverbial' out of each other.

I will also be taking a couple of books, so I can adjoin to my room if I need some space to chill. I hope to take lots of photos to share, and I am sure there will be some stories which might be eligible for posting as well. So from Thurs 11 to Sun 13 you won't find me here, but be assured I will check out all your blogs on my return.

image : fotosearch.com

To get me in the mood here is a short clip from Cliff Richard's Summer Holiday - I just loved going to see his movies when I was young.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things I'd Tell You Challenge - Escape

Melissa from The Things I'd Tell You posted this challenge.

I'm issuing a blog challenge to my writing friends. I know that our blogging mojo has been on an extended hiatus, and that I'm not the only one struggling to coax her back.

So - a pictorial challenge. I love people watching, as I'm sure most writers do. Imagining their stories, wondering who they're meeting, where they're going, where they've been. I've selected the above photo.

You have 48 hours to tell me about this woman. Where she is going, or where she has come from. Is she meeting someone? Fleeing something? 500 words or less.

Life as she knew it was over, her family were all grown and living their lives. She had a chance to make a new life, but did she have the courage. Could she run away and leave all her responsibilities behind. She had loved being a mother, nurturing those that she had given life to, but in that role she had in some ways lost herself. Now was her chance, to find herself again, to do the things that she had always dreamed of doing.

Her bag was packed, the door beckoned, her flight was booked. One hand on the door knob, a sob in her throat. Could she really open the door and step through? Would you?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Six Degrees of Separation

Pretty sure we all know the saying about six degrees of separation. Over the last couple of years it has amazed me how much it is happening. Now I know Perth is a small town compared to Sydney or Melbourne but this is still quite freaky. Here are 3 of the most recent ones.

Case 1 : My eldest daughter got a quote for new blinds in their new home - the rep was none other than one of her high school friend's Dad. I happened to be at her house when he came and it was a while before they worked it out, but then spent ages chatting about 'said' friend.

Case 2 : My middle daughter went to work for a company that is a production house for my work. While there she met a girl who subsequently became our rep. 'Said' rep in now a FB friend of mine. Recently I was on FB and writing a comment on a friend of my eldest daughter's page, I saw a name in her friends list. Thought it might be the wife of a boy whose family I knew quite well and my kids grew up with so nosy me checked it out and it was. But imagine my surprise when on her 'family' list was the name of the 'said' rep from the production company who is her sister.

Case 3 : A friend of my youngest daughter joined the footy tipping comp I run, so I have got to know her quite well. My Mum, who was adopted, has made contact with her 'birth' mother's and father's families and is friends with quite a few of them on FB. Turns out my youngest daughter's friend went to school with my Mum's nephews wife which none of us would have know if not for it coming up on FB.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sage Words Of Advice - Or A Heartfelt Warning?

Blog This Challenge 34 is "If I Met My Younger Self" (I haven't entered one of these before, so finger's crossed) Oh and voting starts on the 5th March-9th March, if you feel so inclined.

If I met my younger self would I offer Sage Words Of Advice or a Heartfelt Warning - I'll let you be the judge.

I could talk about having how she will have a baby at 17 and then be divorced at 21 - then meet her soul mate and have 3 more children.

I could talk about learning to manage her money better.

I could talk about many life lessons, but I wouldn't.

Why, because even with the ups and downs that have come throughout my life, I wouldn't change the day to day things for they have made the woman I am today - a kind-hearted, loyal, loving and giving woman.

But there are 3 things that I would tell my younger self to look out for, 3 things that have given me and those I love too much heartache. 3 things that I would change if I only had the chance.

The first would be to "listen to her gut and not her daughter assurances" thus avoiding an assault which can never be erased no matter how much time passes.

The second thing I would tell her is "to push her father in law into getting his chest checked for cancer" even though a doctor will tell him that small shadow on his lung was nothing to worry about as it was, and it will kill him 5 years later at 68.

The third thing, the one I have shed more tears about, I would tell her "to make sure that her grand-daughter comes to her f-i-l's funeral and is not left in the care of her mother's friend" - that way avoiding the life-changing car accident that will happen in the early hours of the morning and will leave her grand-daughter with acquired brain injury, leaning disabilities and epilepsy.

and then I would give her a hug, a long hard hug and tell her to enjoy the journey.

Monday, March 1, 2010

This Feels Weird

Well today is the 1st March and so my Photo A Day February journey is over, some times I felt stressed by trying to have a photo for each day and finding the time to blog. Today feels weird because I didn't have to do anything, and I missed it - LOL.

Thea over at Do I Really Wanna Blog? posted on Friday about having some great scenery shots minus people that she loved and did anyone else have any to share. So here are two that I am sharing, and I just might share a few more over the next month or so, you know when I feel the need to blog, like today.

Down in Swarbrick Forest (near Walpole in the SW) there is an art trail, one of the exhibits if a golden ring suspended in the forest - as you walk down the trail it looks like it is just there in space (rather than being held up with wiring). It makes for some great photo ops and here are a couple of mine taken on 2 different days.


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