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Monday, January 26, 2009

Could Someone Please Explain

I just don't understand how/why:

some parents think it is okay to abuse their children -

some partners think it is okay to abuse their spouses -

some religions think it is okay to mutilate their women -

some people think it is okay for others to starve and be oppressed as long as it is not in their backyard -

some governments think they can make war in other countries in the name of liberation when everyone knows it is all about the oil -

some people can hate others and use their religion as justification -

some people think child pornography is okay -

some people think children are sexy -

some people think it is okay to produce and distribute drugs -

some people think it is okay to get drunk and fight with others -

some people think they can do whatever they like because it is their right -

some countries think it is okay to hunt whales and take the fins from sharks and leave them to die -

why each religion has it zealots that seem to do everything possible to incite hate, which is everything that a true religion is not -

some people think it is okay to be bigoted and a racist just because they are white skinned -

When did we as humans become this horrible? Has it always been so? Is it just that now with the media we know more about it? My heart breaks to see and hear all the bad things that are happening in our world. I hope my two grand-daughters inherit a world where these sorts of things no longer happen, if only that was possible. I live in hope.

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