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Friday, January 9, 2009

Inspirational Blogging Women

Over the past 12 months I had been following a small number of blogs, sometimes as a listed follower and others just by dropping in from time to time. All of the blogs are written by inspirational women - women I don't know and that I am unlikely to ever meet but inspirational no less.

Recently I was a little freaked out to find someone I didn't know following my blog. Even though I have wondered if anyone would find me, apart from those that I let know about my blog, I actually thought that it would be highly unlikely that this would happen. I didn't know how to feel when I was indeed found, suddenly there seemed to be pressure where once there was none, what was this person's expectations of my blog. So I decided to go visit her blog and what an amazing women I found, I suddenly felt very honored that she was now following me and also realised that the honesty she showed in her blog was one I could show in mine and even though we are 20 years apart in age, some of the health worries she is suffering relate closely to mine. She has inspired me to be stronger and make less excuses in 2009 and so I thank her. The universe really does work in mysterious ways.

So for anyone new to blogging, or for any of my family and friends that follow my blog from time to time - I suggest you take the time to have a look around in the 'blog' world as there are some truly inspirational women out there. Women who are happy to share their innermost feelings, their highs and lows, their worries and struggles, their joy and happiness and a lot of young and not so young mothers who are courageous enough to share their family stories. I am confident you too will find someone to inspire you, someone to admire, someone who's stories will touch your heart - go on be inspired and have a look, what have you got to lose.

And if you haven't got a blog yourself - there is something very liberating to be able to write your thoughts and let the universe decide who will read them.


  1. Lol, I was looking (reread three times) for the link to the blog you were talking about, before it 'clicked' that you have two followers, and I'm someone you don't know.

    What a lovely, lovely thing to say.

    I'm enjoying yours. I'm sorry though that I made you uncomfortable. I should probably have approached more gently, I just liked what I'd read thus far.

  2. Don't worry about the 'freaked out' moment I had, I am really happy that you are following as you really have inspired me to do something about my diabetes - so all my thanks goes to you. Good luck with your weight loss, I know how hard it can be. xxx



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