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Friday, January 9, 2009

Giving Thanks for My Mum

Yesterday my Mum had her second hip replacement operation in 7 months. She has just turned 77 and has suffered from severe arthritis for many years. Pain has been a constant in her life, just as it now is in mine.

Yesterday morning I was suddenly very worried that Mum may not survive this operation even though she breezed through her earlier hip operation in June 2008.

I think I had these doubts because three Mums I know of died in December - my m-i-l in early December, a very good friend's Mum in NZ on Christmas Eve and one of my workmates Mum on Boxing Day.

So I would like to give thanks that she came through with flying colours yet again.

Mum I hope you have a trouble free recovery and that with 2 new hips your spine ceases to degenerate and that the pain is reduced significantly. I know it can never go away unless you undertake risky spinal surgery, but I am positive that now your body is more evenly balanced again that the vertebrae will more easily align and so the pain will be reduced. I look forward to having my Mum mobile again - no more motorbike leg now!


  1. I'm glad that she came through her surgery ok. I hope it works well and she's feeling the relief soon. :)

  2. Thanks Melissa, she has had to have a blood transfusion today and is having a post op blues day, but she will feel better tomorrow when she can actually get out of bed.



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