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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Soul Mates - A Question

I often refer to my hubby as my soul mate, and that is truly how I see him. However in a lot of respects we are like chalk and cheese. So can people that are so different really be soul mates?

How are we different, well:

he sees things in black and white, I always see them in shades of grey

he is a pessimist by nature, I am an optimist

he doesn't like to read, I do

his strength is in maths, mine is in English

his brain is logical, mine isn't even close to being logical

he likes to sleep on the left side of the bed, I like to sleep on the right

I really feel the heat, he doesn't

I get really emotional, he has much more restraint

he gets angry at things and the world very easily, I am more tempered and slower to anger

he keeps his anger, once I have exploded mine is gone

he is cynical about all things spiritual, I embrace all that is unknown and believe there is more in life than what we can see

he is a realist, I am a dreamer

I like to spend, he likes to keep a tighter hold on the finances

he likes Subaru, I like Mazda

he likes Holden, I like Ford

I like to stay inside and read, he likes to go outside and garden

I want to travel, he wants to stay home

he doesn't mind camping, I'm a 5-star girl

he likes wine, I think wine tastes like vinegar

he likes coffee, I like tea

I love milk, he hates milk

he has sugar, I don't

Seems like there are an awful lot of things we don't have in common, but most of these are silly little things. The things we have in common are the ones that truly count.

we both believe in doing what is right and sticking up for the underdog

we both would give our lives for our family and each other

we both love unconditionally, especially each other

we both trust each other and always have

we are fiercely defensive of our children, as many a teacher has found out

when we are apart we both feel that half of our self is missing

I can't answer this bit for him, but he is the person that makes me feel whole, he strokes my head when I am feeling blue - sometimes when I don't think he even knows, but he does. He gives me butterfly kisses, he holds my hand and makes me feel safe, he looks at me and sees the women he loves (I look at me in the mirror and see someone I don't even really like - but he looks inside and sees the beautiful part that is truly me - how I wish I could do that). He is so forgiving of my faults and he thinks I am a precious flower - but not in a derogatory way as he also sees the strengths that I possess.

How can one not feel like soul mates when one is loved so completely?

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