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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good Childhood Memories

On going back through my blog of late, I seem to be in a maudlin frame of mind and it may seem I have only bad memories of my childhood. So here are some of the good ones!

Staying over at Grandma Win's house and having afternoon tea with my own little teapot and cup and saucer - real leaf tea too with milk and sugar.

Having breakfast in Grandma Win's little sun room - although runny eggs were a little bit of a downside - but the white toast soldiers with real butter to dip in the eggs made up for that.

Having a really, really big yard to play in with a huge plum tree that we made cubbies under (it was more like a bush than a tree - I think it was a plum tree - Mum if you read this you can correct me if I am wrong?)

Wearing beautiful hand made clothes my Mum made - I was a bit of a fashion plate in primary school - especially the yellow bib and brace circle skirt with the white blouse with puffed sleeves and with rows of embroidery on the bottom of the skirt.

Always having pets - especially Angel the cat and Jenny the dog - and a sheep and a parrot and finches.

Living in a 2-storey house and running up and down the stairs (and sliding down the bottom banister - never had the nerve for the top one!

Dad's train set - although we weren't not really allowed to play with it, but it was still heaps of fun - and I think there were times I did play with it when Dad didn't know.

Having a piano and being privileged enough to have piano lessons.

Listening to my Mum play 'Rustle of Spring' on the piano.

Having lots of great friends like Sally, Marcia, Anita, Dianne, Jill and Linda in Primary School and Anna, Gloria, Donna, Claire, Sue and others at Iona.

Having the freedom to go to the library in town on the bus all on my own from about 8.

My Grandma Win taking me to the pictures at the Astor in Mt Lawley and seeing Sound of Music - my very first big person's movie and still a favourite today.

Grandma Grace and her budgies.

Grandpa Jim when his pants fell down while he was shutting the gate.

Mum loving the Beatles and having music in our house.

Mum's little green car with the pop in side window thingys.

Having our own proper cubby house that Dad made, with real windows and a door and it was like a big room in the back yard that grown ups could stand in - that's how big it was.

Playing with Marcia and sliding down the grassy slope in our yard on boards.

Pretending I had boobs and wearing my cousins second hand bra and stuffing it with tissues and going to a birthday party in Grade 7.

Getting Bella the doll from my Aunty Verna who's husband was in the diplomatic core - Bella came all the way from Switzerland - she was a beautiful doll with real hair.

Watching our own firecracker show in our own backyard on Guy Fawkes Night - that was when Perth was allowed to have crackers - especially the catherine wheels.

Playing 'knuckle-bones' at school with my friends.

The freedom of growing up in the 60s and 70s before everyone became so scared of bad things happening to their children.

I'm sure there are more to come - stayed tuned.

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