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Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Childhood Memories

Going to Yanchep National Park's pub for Sunday sessions with my Grandma Grace, Grandpa Jim and Mum and Dad - back in the days when Perth pubs weren't allowed to open on Sundays, but country pubs could and Yanchep was far enough away from the CBD to count.

Spending a least some time every year staying on Rottnest Island with my Uncle Bert and Auntie Min and Mum and Dad. Even went to the little one room school on the island for 2 weeks when we went mid school term. Stopped going when Mum and Dad split up.

My step dad helping me down from a tree I had climbed - never had children of his own, but a better father for sure - thanks Pop.

Going into town on Friday night's after school to meet my Grandma Win and have fish and chips at the Railton, over the road from her office.

Going to North Perth Primary - a very multi-cultural school in the 60's - I had friends who were Italian, Dutch, Greek, Latvian, English, Scottish and Aboriginal as well as the Aussies ones. Gave me a chance to accept all races just because that's what kids do.

Getting dropped at school in a taxi (Grandma on the way to work would drop us off) - very posh.

Walking home from school on really wet days with no shoes on and jumping in puddles and getting soaked to the skin but loving it.

Mum and us two kids going to the drive-in in her little green car.

When you start to write them down there are more that keep popping into your mind - not a bad thing to try on a blue day.

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