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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is This A Sign Of Soul Mates?

My hubby and I have been married for 31 years and more and more we think the same thing at exactly the same time and one of us will start telling the other and the other one goes I was just thinking that myself. This happens on a daily basis and is quite spooky it is almost like we are mind reading each others thoughts.

Then there are the times when we aren't even in the same place and I am thinking 'oh I hope he does ...' and he does, case in point yesterday - I had a hair appointment, then was dropping in to see Mum in hospital and wouldn't get home until about 2.30 pm and so he was getting stuff for lunch. Normally that means fresh bread and ham and maybe salami and very occasionally a hot chicken which I break up and we have in the sandwich. As I was driving home I thought 'I really would like a chicken sandwich today but I didn't let him know so he has probably got ham', but when I got home - chicken was waiting for me ... spooky.

Now is this just because we have co-habitated for so long that we know each other so well, or is it that like twins we are so in tune with each other it just happens because we are soul mates? I'd like to think it is the latter.


  1. Hello beautiful...
    I like to think it is the soul mate thing as I have only known my beautiful man a relatively short time in this life time yet we too, often say the same thing at the same time. Spooky sometimes... We just look at each other laughing and say "I said that". It really used to wig him out. Me well... I see and feel the past connections and just smile at him knowing that in his some what closed down (past requirement for survival), now waking soul that he feels the connections also. I believe that if we truly open ourselves without fear and lets face it, that can be like asking someone to poke us in the eye with a sharp stick and not worrying about the pain, that we can and will find a soul mate (a term that I would use with a loose definition)as not all soul mates are our life partners. They can be very close others..And having said that Oh what a feeling when the one, is your partner in life.
    By the way, nice poem. Is it yours?
    I must ask you a bit more about the Blog system when I see you next.
    love ya

  2. Yes, I am lucky that my soul mate is my life partner as well. Glad you have finally found yours he is definitely a keeper and his love for you is so open and fresh it if delightful.

    Re poem - it is mine, written in bed the night before I put it up on menopausal mumma xxx



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