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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Menopause and the Biological Clock

Readers please note (especially if you are one of my children) this story may contain references to sex and other medically scary facts that may scar you for life - so read on at your own risk!!

Somewhere deep inside my earth mother rotund body the last few eggs can hear a clock ticking ever louder. With every tick they know their days are numbered, who will be the last, can they still do the job they where put here to do? Why didn't they get to make the jump earlier? Now they are a little harder and a little less fertile - but they can but try.

Little do they know that my partner has had the snip, 26 years ago almost to the month, but what if somewhere deep inside his body a sole survivor - the last remaining sperm - has been slowly, every so slowly unpicking the sutures and building a bridge, a bridge to the other side. What if that way is now clear.

What if my once fertile body, suddenly feels like having a last go at motherhood and is secretly preparing my uterus for that last egg and that sole surviving sperm. What if indeed?

Women in their 50s fall pregnant more often than is discussed, they often think they have gone through menopause because their periods have stopped, but then nature surprises them with a break-through ovulation - that last egg and lo and behold they find themselves pregnant. They are then faced with the burden of choosing to continue with the pregnancy or to terminate. Now I am not making this up, it is not fiction, my doctor recently mentioned to me to be careful - obviously forgetting that hubby had had the snip (or maybe she thinks I play around?) - because it happens, it is far more common than we are lead to believe.

So just in case there is that one surviving sperm that has spent the years biding its time and building bridges - condoms are the way for us, for at least the near future. Yes we still do have sex and enjoy it - even though we are old (that was for my children - if they have read this far) - so yes it is TMI and all the rest, but face facts your parents and older people are still human and still love the contact that making love brings. Sex is not only for young beautiful bodies, it is also for older wrinkly ones too. But women of all ages need to be careful because that biological clock is just waiting, waiting to catch them unawares and not all of us can be or choose to be on the pill.

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