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Friday, April 22, 2011


Autumn here in Perth is my favourite time of year, gentle breezes, cool sometime sunny days, wispy clouds scuttling across the bluest of blue skies. Autumn is the time I want to get outside and sit and read a book, or share a cuppa with friends and family. To choose which plants to plant, like pansies and violas and sweet peas - sadly because of my arthritis (and my aversion to dirt under my nails) my hubby is lovely and does the planting for me - God I love that man.

Just once in my life I would love to spend an Autumn where the trees turn red, orange and brown and slowly lose their leaves ... hopefully that wish will come true before I leave this mortal coil. Here in Aus our native trees are not deciduous and stay green all year long. As we have planted native to save water that it all I see - and I love them to and all the birds that come and enjoy them as well.

We have had a long drawn out summer this year and half way through Autumn we are only just beginning to have what I call our Autumn days. So today I thought I would change me blog design for a while and lust for those beautiful changing trees I hope to see and to honour the season I love most.

What season do you love best?


  1. The fall for sure is my favourite time of year....you will have to come to Canada in autumn...the riot of colour is something to behold.

  2. Oh it's autumn. Is your sky a ridiculous shade of blue over there? Here it's crisp, yet warm, and the sky is so deliciously blue it made me giggle.

    We don't have the leaves turning here near the beach, but I love to get down to the Southern Highlands or Blue Mountains where I can swoon over the coloured leaves (or I could just come and visit your pretty new pages!)

    Enjoy - and plant some pretty pansy faces for me x

  3. @mybabyjohn - if I ever get to Canada - and it is my main holiday destination - it will be in the fall for sure.

    @PPMJ - yes lovely blue skies today with a few wispy clouds this morning, we really really need rain, but today was delightful. And pansy are in the tubs and soon to be sown in the ground under one of my frangipanis - pictures will be shared when they flower.



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