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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Planner Or Not??

Are you a planner? One of those people with 5 year plans, who look to the future and know what they want to be doing and where they want to be going? And if so, how do you feel if you don't achieve those goals? Or do you always get there?

Me, I am a fly by the seat of my pants girl, maybe because I became a Mum at 17 and realised very early that planning with a bub - well most of the time it is more heartache and it is much easier to just go with the flow.

Maybe I am intrinsically lazy and just can't be bothered with even thinking about planning that far ahead. Look at my retirement, I am 56 this year and have thrown around the idea of retiring, but haven't really done any planning towards that goal.

Maybe I am too busy to be planning how to make thing easier, somehow I managed to bring up 4 children while working full time for quite a deal of their lives, did I plan how to do that? Nup.

Come to think of it I didn't even plan one of my pregnancies, they all sort of sneaked up on me, real surprise every single time the doctor said, 'hey good news, your are pregnant' and me with a really???

I am sort of like that with my job as well, not good and planning, have a very messy desk (but know were everything is nonetheless), I have so much to do, but so many unexpectedly crisis I deal with that I think I would stress way more if I had planned and then not achieved within my work day.

So, I am really interested, are you a planner - do you make it work and how. Or are you like me, happy to deal with what arises when it arises and muddle through the rest of the time?


  1. I've done my share of planning and I've gone the "whatever" route....they both have value. Right now I'm in "whatever" mode. Seems to be working just fine.

  2. Crazy planner. But you knew that didn't you? BUT I do like a bit of impetuous, just go with it - every now and again. That's my plan for this weekend (oooh, can you 'plan' to 'just go with it'? x

    PS: Am LOVING those peacock feathers in that shot.

  3. Whenever I have firm plans, some other opportunity comes along. Now I just have a hazy idea of what I want to achieve and try and move in that general direction - if I am too single minded I worry I will miss the unexpected "changes in plan" that can lead to wonderful things.

  4. You are obviously my daughter as I have always tended to live in a state of organised chaos and strangely enough I can aways find anything I want even if I've not seen it for 5 years...sort of shut my eye snd there it is even though I don't 'see' things visually. I just use clocks to tell the time and not to tell me it's time to do something but generally manage to get to most appointments near enough on time.

  5. Ha this is interesting. I used to be a planner. Such a happy, regimented, organised planner. Infertility changed all that! I got real. I have become, these past several years, what I would like to call "organic" and just go with the flow ;)

  6. I dont plan, I really want to plan but have found there are some things in life that dont go acording to the plan. Currently I have a small plan until the end of June, then I will be trying to get myself organised for the following year with a dash of winging it too ;)

  7. @mybabyjohn - yep both do have value and sometimes I really wish I was a planner but most of the time I happy just being a 'go with the flow' kinda girl.

    &PPMJ - No surprise there at all - I love those peacock feathers too, they were given to me by a work friend a few years ago - they are from her peacock as well.

    @A Farmer's Wife - I'm loving your view on planning, a little bit of both. We certainly don't want to miss out on something special in our lives.

    @Mimsie - yes Mum, two peas on a pod - although I do like to be on time when going somewhere.

    @Being Me - Organic - now I like that as a term for who I am - can I borrow it?

    @Car - A small plan to the end of June - sounds like a plan - lol. But I think small plans and goals are something I try and achieve as then I don't have the feeling of failure - but truthfully - most of them go out the window as well.



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