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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend Rewind - Waiting

I went over the Alison @ Life In A Pink Fibro to hook up with Weekend Rewind, to find the subject was waiting. So I went to check old posts and none really fit the theme. But it sort of triggered a new post - so I hope that is okay.


I seem to be constantly waiting ...

Waiting for courage

Waiting for strength

Waiting to retire/resign

I seem to be constantly waiting ...

Waiting for something better

Waiting for the world to change

Waiting for more

I seem to be constantly waiting ...

Waiting for less pain

Waiting for more sleep

Waiting for motivation

I seem to be constantly waiting ...

Waiting to win lotto

Waiting for better things

Waiting for inspiration

I seem to be constantly waiting ...

Maybe it's time for some action

Maybe it's time to get into the game

Maybe it's time to stop waiting

But no, it seems waiting is my game - sigh


  1. The waiting game isn't a fun one to play. Maybe you should revisit your other maybes :-)

  2. Great post - I can totally relate. I'm always waiting for something better, to win lotto (it might help if i actually entered...) and especially waiting for more sleep. Waiting is what we must do sometimes

  3. Waiting is not fun. I am hopeless at it and tend to go for action (any action, not always the best one) as I am impatient!

  4. It's a horrible limbo, isn't it? I hope you feel more settled soon.

  5. Perhaps the trick to waiting is to turn it into simply Being. When it starts to gnaw so much that every thing we look at seems to be part of the same never-ending Waiting Game. Oh how I identify! xxx

  6. We're all waiting for something, aren't we? I think we should banish the word and all move on!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro. :-)



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