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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Those Menopausal Nights

Over here in Perth we have had a very long, warm/hot summer. Endless nights of temperatures in the 20Cs and so for months the most I have had on my bed was a sheet, and most nights even the sheet was thrown off. I have so looked forward to putting a blanket back on the bed and snuggling, longingly thinking of cool crisp night time air wafting over my bed. Last night, my soft cuddly blue blanket was lovingly put on my bed. Autumn has finally come to Perth, loving it as it is my favourite season.

Last night my night went something like this, snuggle under blanket right up to my chin, move blanked down so shoulder exposed, drop off to sleep. Wake up, throw blanket off, just leave sheet on, go back to sleep. Wake up, pull blanket back up, go back to sleep. Wake up throw blanket and sheet off, go back to sleep. Wake up, pull sheet back up, go back to sleep. Wake up, pull blanket up too, go back to sleep. Wake up, move so feet and lower legs out in the open, arms exposed, go back to sleep. Wake up, throw it all off again. Repeat cycles over and over again until finally at about 3.30am fall asleep with sheet and blanket on and not surface until 6.30am when I got up.

Menopause - gotta love it, and I don't have the hot flushes very badly at all compared to other friends I know. Something to look forward to all my young lovelies


  1. I remember those nights of getting up to change the nightgown. Then there were the days at work with my fan on and a big pitcher of ice water close by. Thankfully it didn't last long. Take heart...this too shall pass.

  2. I hear you sister! If it wasn't for HRT I would be in a mental health ward. Everytime I decide to go off it, I almost go insane. Have been on it for four years now but it has been a saviour. Us women get it tough.



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