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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Linking up again to Life in a Pink Fibro's Weekend Rewind hosted by the lovely Alison, this weekend's rewind is December 2010 or any December before that.

I have chosen this post from 2008 - Sisters, the one's the universe provides. I truly hope you have these sorts of sisters in your lives, my would be so poorer for never having met them.


  1. A fabulous post, Karen. <3 Thank you for sharing it.

    These rewinds are wonderful - I don't recall reading that one, for some reason. I'm so glad I've gotten to now.

    Much love to you, beautiful one.

  2. Hi Lissa - yes I am loving the chance to share older posts way back when I first began to blog. Thanks for coming over and taking the time to rewind. xxx



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