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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blog Post 401

Who would have thought that when I started this blog in November 2008 that I would still be blogging now, I certainly didn't have any expectations of where this would go and how long for. My Anzac Day post was post 400 - sort of fitting as the day has special meaning for me.

So this is post 401, will I get to 500 or even 600 - maybe all the way to 800 doubling where I am now. Seem strange to celebrate 401 instead of 500? Well I suppose that is just me being me - a little odd that way.

There have been more than 401 posts written, but only 401 that I have hit the publish button on. There are some still sitting in my drafts and I have not included these in the total and they may or may not get published, only time will tell.

There are some that after writing them were deleted, for the act of writing them was what I needed, not sending them out to cyberspace, but just the act of writing - letting me let go of some negative stuff I have dealt with.

There are some still in my head which might eventually see the light of day - or maybe not.

The one thing I have always believed is that this blog is for me, not to please anyone else, but I am still tempered by what I feel I can disclose - which is a shame, but my aim is not to really cause any controversy, not to deliberately hurt anyone's feelings - even if mine have been hurt. But to portray a little bit of me, some of my memories for my family and sometimes to vent in a forum that for the most part is supportive.

Thanks to my very first followers and all that have followed since then, thanks for hanging in there even when I have my quiet time, for supporting me with your great comments and for allowing me to share a little bit of your lives too.


  1. Always good to have someone to talk to yes? I appreciate you being there as well. You have an award waiting for you on my post.

  2. Seems pretty amazing when you think about it, doesn't it? 401! I'm about to hit 250 and that seems like a lot. x

  3. Congratulations, 401 is a great achievement. I hope you continue to find your voice. xox

  4. You always do a wonderful job even if people don't always agree with you but we believe in free speech and it is often good to start a discussion on a controversial subject. Don't ever give up blogging as I am very proud of you. I just wish I could do such a good job but perhaps have less to 'talk about because of the limited life I live.

  5. @mybabyjohn - thank you for the award.

    @wanderlust - sort of crept up on my really.

    @A Farmer's Wife - I sometimes wonder what I have rambled on about to get to that many.

    @Tenille - thanks, I sometimes think I should be more vocal - I am sure my hubby disagrees - lol

    @Mimsie - you may have less to talk about in the here and now, but the memories you blog about are wonderful so keep going.

  6. WOW! 401? That's outstanding! Congrats! Thanks for all the sharing, and for all the support you throw back at us! Now, go out and celebrate!!

  7. @anything fits a naked man - glad to see you back blogging Joan, missed you. xxx



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