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Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekend Rewind - Easter Edition

The lovely Alison over at Life in a Pink Fibro hosts the weekend rewind meme. Why don't you pop over and join in.

This week's theme is New - New Life, New House, New Car, New Beginnings - you get the idea, and the meme is open right up to Monday night.

So in that theme here is my new kitchen and my new car (which is also about my littlest munchkin (hence the title of Change Management).

And how about these for something extra - after all it is a long weekend and you might need a little light reading - lol.


  1. I love the thoroughness of your engagement! I am off to read at least two of your 'new' posts right now.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

  2. Thanks Alison, in answer to your comments on my older posts - yes most of the time the kitchen still looks like a kitchen showroom except when we are cooking, but it takes some work as I am a hater of housework but it looks so lovely all clean that it spurs me on. And a couple of time I have had a policeman check out my car, at 2 different random breath tests stops, one even said okay Mrs Kazzoom off you go when I blew 00.00.



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