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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Typical Blogging Day

Here I sit at my desk, trying to type while Max tries to:

lie on the keyboard

puts his tail over the keyboard

climb up the front of me to cuddle on my shoulder or sit on my boobs

taps at my fingers as they type

walks on the keyboard

tries to steal the pens off my desk

walks over and rubs his wet nose all over my screen

taps at the screen with his paw as he tries to catch the letters as they appear

walks behind my iMac and up onto the windowsill and tries to climb on top of my iMac

sits behind my iMac and pops his head around playing peek a boo

This is all after I have already put him on the floor at least 5 times before even attempting to blog.

What interruptions happen to you when you try to blog?

And here he sits looking all innocent with the 'who me' face


  1. God, he is beautiful! How could you resist him?

  2. My distractions are nowhere near as cute as yours! He's just beautiful.

  3. @MM - he is beautiful isn't he - still as mad as ever even after having his little operation to desex him.

    @PPMJ - he is a cutie that's for sure.

  4. What a beautiful baby...he is trying to tell you to get up and live instead of chaining yourself to the cmputer. We should all have distractions like that.
    You ask what distractions I have. My husband takes the place of your fuzzy baby. He keeps coming in and asking me if I'm going to be in here all day.

  5. I actually want a distraction just like that one!

    Mine is a blue-eyed boy of golden ringlets and a dimpled smile who just has to flirt my way and my attention is his. su

  6. @mybabyjohn - my hubby has his own computer but every now and then pops in when I am blogging to give me a hug and make sure I am okay.

    @Melissa - that gorgeous little boy of yours is just too cute, I can see why he would distract you.

  7. I'm really wanting a cat again.

    My distractions are usually my children coming up to me for a cuddle (which they've just had) or telling me they're hungry (even right after dinner). They don't like me at the computer at all.... They'd rather I sat with them watching cartoons....

  8. @dorothy - Fully understand that situation, as much as I loved and adored my children when they were little I am glad they are now grown and I have some me time. Although I must say little Max more than makes up for them with his antics.



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