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Sunday, April 10, 2011


The feeling of restlessness is invading my soul

The wanting for something I can not pinpoint

The feeling of need for more than just this

The yearning to move on, to go somewhere else

My body racked with the flight or fight

Like something is lurking just beyond my vision

I'm putting it down to the wind ...

Rustling through the trees, tossing the climbing rose around

Making the cats skittish and now me

Restlessness on an Autumn Sunday morning

Let it just be the wind and not a portent of something to come


  1. Go shopping girl........it fixes everything. Retail therapy...yess!!!!! Or maybe it's time for a vacation...or a party.... Seriously, the autumn winds can do it to you and so can that "midlife crisis" thing. The trick is to do something different to shake yourself up but nothing so drastic that you will regret it later. Share how you are feeling with your loved ones.

  2. I feel that way often. I think that after a while of doing the same thing all the time it is normal to suddenly feel as though something must change. Maybe it is just a little thing needed like changing a room around ;). Who is to say it is a bad thing, perhaps you are about to win the lotto :)

  3. I think we all occasionally have days like that. You mentioned the climbing rose so savagely attacked by the neighbour next door. How is the poor thing doing?



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