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Friday, April 8, 2011

What's Hot and Loving In My House

Now if you were expecting me to say my hubby - well that's a given. But this hot and loving thing is my kitten, the one I introduced you to here.

Everyone time I sit at my computer to blog or do whatever I need to do, he is here, either on my desk trying to help me type, or taking pens off my desk or trying to make me stop typing so he can have a cuddle. After about the 20th time of me picking him up and putting in on the floor and him jumping back up, he finally gets the message and cuddles up at my feet, leaning against my foot and making it way hotter than the other one. He has such a hot little body which I am sure during winter I will love, just like a hot water bottle ... during this long hot summer, not so much - lol.

I bought him a lovely, soft cat bed to sit in my study, but no, it is my foot he needs to lean on, just like he is right now ... this time it only took 10 times for him to know I meant business.

He loves cuddles that much, if I leave the toilet door open - when there is no one else at home - he comes in and tries to jump in my lap, no matter how many times I say no, the next time - he still tries.

His favourite place is on my chest if I am sitting in my chair in the lounge, which not only makes me very hot in summer, but is not great if I am trying to read.

He still demands to be stroked and if it does not go on for minutes, then he nuzzles your hand with his wet nose or meows at you with a little squeaky sound.

I can never imagine my house without a cat, they say dogs give you unconditional love, well in my house both our cats do that too. It is just a little hotter than this menopausal body can cope with when it is a hot night and Max is sharing my bed and laying hard against me near my face. I wouldn't trade him for the world, even when he is still manic and running up the walls trying to knock my painting off the wall.


  1. I was thinking about your new kitten just yesterday and that you hadn't posted about him in a long time. Such a sweetie.

  2. Aww - I'm kind of jealous. I want a cat so much and yours is a sweetheart.

  3. Cats are so funny how they get the crazy-runs around the house. But I will always be a devout dog lover first and foremost.

    Love your little puddy, look at that cheeky chin :)

  4. "He has such a hot little body and constantly demands to be stroked."

    Well okay then, there is a lotta lovin' going on in your house.

    Hey. Your words! Just saying...

  5. @Wanderlust - lol, yep them's my words, although not in that exact order. Love you work xxx

    @Melissa - maybe one day?

    @Being Me - I don't mind dogs, but they are too big to share a bed with.

    @mybabyjohn - yes I thought I should write about him again, he is already 6 months old.



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