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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So What Is This Ad Telling Me??

Now as you know I have had 4 births and one miscarriage, I am overweight and I suffer from diabetes, so bladder leakage is something that apparently I need to think about. Since coming home from Melbourne, with a cold/infected sinus - lots of coughing, sneezing etc, I do on occasion think, whoops it is going to be this time I learn about loosing bladder control? Indeed I have on occasion crossed my legs just in case - TMI???

Then I see this ad for Tena Pads - now I know it is a fun ad, made to be light hearted about an important issue, but really - does this means I no longer need a toilet if I am wearing incontinence pads? I always thought they were for minor leaks - but if a toilet dropping from the sky is what these pads can do for me - well then who needs toilets?

Just think of the freedom - no more waiting in queues at airport bathrooms, no more public toilets in general, just wear one of these pads and Bob's your uncle so to speak.

So producers of this ad, have you missed the mark here, or is it just my warped sense of humour that is getting a mixed message? Because this ad reminds me of a woman busting to go to the loo, not one who has sneezed and had a little dribble down below - if you get my drift!!

What do the rest of you think?


  1. Yeah! You're right. Although sometimes it feels like a "toilet's worth" is about to charge forth.... it's always less than that. Advertisers must be such strange creatures (the way they think, I mean).

  2. That's how I come home EVERY time I go out,lol! So desperate - I have the world's weakest bladder.

    But you're right about the ad.

    Sigh. Now I have to pee. ;-)

  3. That ad is a little "off" shall we say. I like the Poise ad much better... As someone who scans every area for the nearest toilets and empties the tank before entering any vehicle, I'm with you sister.

  4. Haven't seem any of the ads but Tena pads come in all sizes so not sure what they are getting at in the ad you saw. I do believe there are those that are LARGE for overnight use but you go by the number of 'drops' shown on the pack. Take it from one who knows.

  5. Only last week I sneezed and had a wittle accident....I thought to myself "God how old am I"????

    Glad you had fun at the conference, I hope to see you again next March xo

  6. I'm going to have a repair job done. Hope i don't have to wait to long. I will save myself a small fortune These pads dont come cheap when you have to wear them all the time.c

  7. mummy janet...I don't know your age but if you do have a real incontinence problem pads are available through the government and they are quite good too. Talk to your GP about it and see if you are eligible. I spent a small fortune on Tena pads in the past. My problem is not devastating but it IS a problem which at 79 is not to be unexpected. Kakka could perhaps pass on this message to you from me.

  8. My mum had a leakage problem too, often sitting down suddenly or crossing her legs when laughing or sneezing. I have the same, but less so. I've discovered a dietary link for my dribble. Too much coffee and I'm in trouble. I'm pretty sure it's the caffeine/sugar combination, but I like my coffee sweet, so I'm limiting myself to one coffee a day unless I plan on staying home. It seems to be working. Also doing squeezing exercises several times a day.



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