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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sharing Some More Blog Love

These are my picks of the week, if you haven't already visited - pop on over and share some love.

River from Drifting Through Life has moved home and is feeling more settled, and is even back at work. The tenant before her though left a legacy of birds behind - one would have thought the owner would have cleaned but River in her usual 'lets get it done' persona has not let that stand in her way of making this her new home. Pop on over and read through this week's posts and share some bloggy love.

We need to send some cyberhugs to Farmer's Wifey, her week started well, but has been steadily going downhill since. Mind you I had to smile at the image of her in her hubster's jocks because the washing machine won't work. Love you Farmer's Wifey xxx

This particular post struck a chord with me over at Under The Yardarm, we take so much for granted in our lives and sometimes when we least expect it, we have even more clarity about just how lucky we are to live in this wonderful land.

Tenille at Help Mum gives a timely warning for those of you using WordPress, a viral worm that is a little hard to pin down. She also lets you know how to check if it is hidden on your blog.

There are lots more goodies out there, just have a look in my Sharing the Love feed - just over there to the right.

Happy reading xxx

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  1. Aww thanks for the mention..I feel alot more focused...a little tanty always does the world of good!!



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