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Monday, August 8, 2011

Back To Work

Well today I am back to work after 2 weeks of leave. Part of me would just like to stay home, but part of me is ready to go back.

The thing is though, I have been working while on leave, doing some graphic design for an upcoming project, can't say more than that at the mo. I have really enjoyed it, so much so that I wish I could just stay home and do a little work like this all the time.

A few months ago, I did some work for Childhood 101 in the form of their e-Book Art not Craft, and thoroughly enjoyed that as well.

Now I am supposed to do graphic design at work, but I have moved more into administration and have been flogging the dead weight of implementing the sign system which no matter how much I do, just seems never to have an end in sight.

So real graphic design, while on my job description, is not really part of my job any more. And I miss it, I really do.

If I was just confident enough to sell myself to the bloggersphere/cyberspace as a graphic designer then maybe I could get some small jobs. I don't want to do web design, I mean I can do it, but that is not my interest. It is working with words and pictures and illustrations and making them look great, be easy to read, turning them into books and the like.

Maybe one day?


  1. I so hope you do it. I hate to think of you slaving away at a job that doesn't inspire you.

    Take the leap. <3 <3

  2. If you can afford to quit work and start out on your own then you should do it...or maybe drop back to part time and work from home part time...don't leave it until it is too late....get a start on it now.

  3. Dreams should be followed. Good luck with yours.



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