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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nuffnag Blogopolis 2011

Well Blogopolis is come and gone - a whirlwind of a day, so much to take in, so much to work out. Nuffnang did a great job of organising the day, at no time did I feel bored, although overwhelmed might have crept into my feelings occasionally.

My daughter, Christie of Childhood 101, presented, I was so proud of her, and a little teary too if I am honest, and well I try to honest here.

The only thing I would have liked more time to do was to catch up with various bloggers on the actual day. There were before and after events, and I chose not to go to these as I know my physical limits right now, which don't include standing for long and trying to yell over music and conversations. I suppose I should have been more active in hooking up with those I wanted to meet, and to be honest again, I was not sure I was even going to go until a couple of days before so was lax in this regard. Lunch at the venue would have provided time for this, so maybe a suggestion for the next one. I would have been happy to pay for lunch (well I did anyway).

I did managed to catch up with Jen from Jemikaan for lunch and caught a hug from Kirrily of Sunny Side Up. I saw Melissa from Suger Coat It from in the distance and then never actually got to meet her face to face and was sorry for that lost opportunity. The lovely Danimezza was running around taking photos (and even got to present).

The outcome of Blogopolis for me is that I don't fit any defined niche except maybe personal blogger, and maybe because of that, I would find it hard to fit any of the 'PR/Ad' areas that can, if you are lucky, hard working and totally focused, make you some money. But you know what, I am okay with that, I am happy just blogging for me. After all that is why I started blogging, sort of a way of putting stuff out there in cyberspace, seeing what comes back and I suppose as a record of who I am, if anyone in my family wants to know anytime in the future.

Am I glad I spent the money and went, sure I am. I love Melbourne, and love going over to visit. Plus I got to immerse myself in a large crowd of other bloggers of all ages, sizes, genders and ideas. I think there were around 300 on the day. I got to see outside of my blogging sphere, and I am inspired by what others have achieved and where they are going and I am full of praise for them.

Here is a Youtube video put together by BlogHUB Australia and my daughter's presentation is here.

And the round up of the rest of the trip is here:

We left Perth in between very stormy showers (there was some amazing turbulence as we took off which left me feeling nauseous for most of the flight). But Melbourne was lovely on Friday and I got to catch up with Jenny and Kelly (my hubby's aunt and cousin and some of my favourite Victorian people - love you guys xxx) and took them to my fav Melbourne Japanese restaurant Mikayo and we had teppanyaki, which was Kelly's first time to a Japanese restaurant.

Saturday was Blogopolis and I came back to the apartment to this amazing sunset.

This photo taken from my balcony

and here are some photos of my little suite at Quay West Apartments Southbank.

My king size bed - all to myself - luxury

and my lounge area with a large balcony behind the curtains

Sunday was beautiful and sunny and it seemed to soon to leave Melbourne to fly home, we came back to storms and rain, which we so desperately need, but another bumpy flight once we got closer to Perth.

I got spoilt in Qantas Business Class on the Adelaide - Perth leg of my homeward journey, trying to forget the Melbourne to Adelaide leg - that was a bit of a mix up on hubby's behalf when he was booking using is frequent flyer points - but all was left behind as soon as I sat in the extra large with legroom seats in Business. Smoked ocean trout with fennel and cucumber salad for entree, slow roasted duck ragout on a bed of pasta and wilted spinach leaves for main and icecream for desert. Hot towels, special padded earphones, my own blanket and pillow not to mention personal service - it is the way to travel - hey Mr/Ms Qantas I am happy to blog about you all the time if you can upgrade me when I travel - pretty please???

This post is not sponsored by any of the above mentioned businesses but I do recommend if you are ever in Melbourne you stay at Quay West and do try my favourite Japanese restaurant which is almost next door in the Southgate Shopping Complex.


  1. Sounds like you had a marvellous time...did Max miss you?

  2. Am I the only one in the blogosphere that didn't realise that Christie is your daughter?!

    Your hotel room looked lovely and business class sounds VERY attractive :)

  3. Christie did you SO, so proud, Kakka! I had to not think about it too much or I would have been crying. I glanced over at you (i was a couple of tables over) and wow... it was quite a moment.

    I will take due note of your Quay West recommendation. We like to go in to the city and spend a night there every couple of years or so (not quite often enough for my liking!). There's something wonderful about waking up in your own city and playing tourist.

    Lots of love to you and I am only very sorry we didn't get more time to talk and connect. I was whisked away early - Lolly and Steve were there! :( I regret not being able to find you.

  4. I was there in spirit with all of you. Sounds like a wonderful time but with the same drawback as the ABC...no time to connect with other bloggers! Business class - way to go!

  5. So glad you went. Did hope to see Christie's presentation but it wouldn't work for me but then not many technical things do these days. They have left this old dear far behind. Maybe you will be able to show me a copy of C's presentation.

  6. @mybabyjohn - well Max played up while I was away, so maybe that was him missing me - lol

    @Tina - I am sure you are not the only person who didn't know Christie was my daughter, and yes business class is very attractive indeed.

    @Being Me - Oops, so you saw me wiping my eyes, was tough at that particular moment, seeing her so strong. I am so proud of her all the time, but she sure did a great job on Saturday. Quay West is great, but not necessarily cheap.

    @Wanderlust - you would have loved it, but yes these things need to be longer so allow time to properly connect with other bloggers.



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