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Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Think Spring Is Coming

Today is a balmy sunny day, around 23C, with a brisk breeze, apparently storms are on the horizon from tonight with rain for most of next week. But today, well a little taste of the Spring that is coming I think. I've done my washing and it is almost dry, not bad for a Winter's day.

We need a long winter here in Perth to top up our water supply dams, but somehow I don't think that is going to be the case, if today is anything to go by.

My hayfever is already popping, with itchy eyes and ears and nose. Hang in their Winter we really need you to for just a little while longer.


  1. I love the feel of sunshine on my skin, glad spring is on the way.

  2. Spring is definitely on its way here too. Which means that Summer is lurking just round the corner. Sigh.

  3. Sorry to hear about the hayfever (am waiting for Joel and Alexander's to start up too).

    what is it about a line full of washing that just looks so calming and peaceful? It's not like I *enjoy* doing it? But oh, a line of white washing....

    Elephants Child, you ruined my day with that reminder (you are SOOO right though. Summer. Bleugh).

    Bring on Spring and the Brisbane Jacarandas. <3

  4. I hope you get some more rain and less hay fever. I vacant believe it's almost September.



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