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Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Years Ago

10 Years Ago today this man left us.

10 years on, we still miss him.

This man was my father in law, he was funny, loving and kind.

He was the strong influence who made my man the man he is.

It is because of him that my man worships me and loves me unconditionally. It is because of him that my man takes care of me and my family so well. For that is how this man loved his wife and family.

Tonight we remember him.

Right now his son is shedding a quiet tear because he suddenly remembered the date. It is not that he does not think of his father often, in fact he misses him even more now than when he left. But dates creep up on us sometimes and catch us by surprise. Even I who normally remember dates had forgotten.

So for my 450th post, it seems fitting that I dedicate it to you Eddie, I am sorry we almost forgot the date, but we will never, ever forget you. xxx


  1. No one is ever gone as long as they are remembered.

  2. A truly worthy 450 post to remember what sounds to be a lovely man, who is still with you in so many ways.

    And mybabyjohn/Delores is right.

  3. So fitting that your 450th post should be dedicated to such an important and well loved man. Beautiful, heartfelt writing xx

    PS. Congrats on 450 posts - what a magic milestone!

  4. What a lovely post for number 450. Thinking of you and your FIL. xox



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