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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Interwebs, One Of The Things I Love

I have noticed lately, when popping around commenting, how many people that I know through following them and commenting on their blogs are now following and commenting on blogs that I have followed since the beginning.

It is sort of nice, that other bloggers either see people in my 'Sharing the Love' section, or when they comment on my blog and go off to find them too. Just like I do when visiting.

The physical space that divides us, seems so small when we connect and weave interwebs in cyberspace. How nice if one day I got to meet every single one of you. It sort of feels like some of you I know very very well and yet we have never ever met.


  1. We are building a little community without the necessity of brick and mortar.

  2. As a newcomer to the blogosphere, the community is one of the things I value most. And yes, some of the blogs do make me feel a) that I know the person and b) that I would really, really like to meet them.



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