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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Russian Bride?

One of our next door neighbours is a woman in her late 50s, she doesn't appear to have a husband. She shuffles, a lot, I mean how hard is it to pick up your feet? I surmise that she drinks a lot, given the amount of cans and bottles I hear tipped into the recycling bin, or she eats a lot of baked beans!!

She has a son, early 40s, I call him Don Burke, he is the one that butchered my climbing rose, and he gardens with a chain saw rather than a shovel. Now he is a newer addition to the her household and our neighbourhood. He apparently works overseas, well that is what he told hubby, so he is only here for a week or two very month or so. He has an annoying voice and laugh, and the number of bottles and cans going into the recycling increase expediently when he is home!! He obviously likes baked beans too.

Now I think he has a Russian Bride, the Sixty Minutes episode a few weeks back just rings true, she has to be one. Why? Well she has an accent, definitely Russian sounding, she has bleached blonde hair. She wears hot pink velour tracksuits. She doesn't drive. She doesn't work. And I keep hearing her say things like, you have to love me because I cook for you. She looks to be in her early 20s.

So what do you think - does Don Burke have a Russian Bride??


  1. I can't resist stickybeaking into other people's lives, but some of the visions are scary. And yes, it does sound like mail order bride stuff. Erk.

  2. As long as she too likes the baked beans then we'll be okay.

  3. Sounds like she is one, I might have to use her line I cook so you have to love me, oh well I think they love me anyway.

  4. You are too funny - I could picture this perfectly in my mind as I read!

    I saw that ep of 60 minutes as well - was horrified! Sounds like the baked beans eating male neighbour does fit the mould!



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