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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just Beautiful

We have some lovely orchids on our patio and as usual this year there are many beauties flowering. The one I love the most is this lime with pink centre which finally flowered again this year, it has been around 5 years since she last shared her beauty with me, isn't she beautiful? Last time we got 5 spikes of blooms but this year only 2, still I am not complaining as she is just so beautiful.

Here are some of the others lovelies out at the moment, they are pretty special too.

My hubby deserves all the credit for these, all I have to do is buy them and then admire them, which I do often, it is hard not too. I even like it when they are just lush green leaves.

On Tuesday we went to Ezi Grow Orchid Nursery in Darch (Western Australia) and got 4 more beauties - just loving the two variations of soft white, one with a pink centre and one with a yellow centre and then the yellow with the vibrant orange tongue is absolutely stunning, hubby chose the more subdued but equally lovely brown one.

This post is not sponsored, but I must say, it is an amazing nursery with great, helpful staff and very reasonable prices.


  1. You know, when I think about my love of flowers (which is HUGE), I think that I'm not really an orchid fan. They always seemed to me such a lot of work for so little return. But then I look at these photos, and realise, even if it's just a short time, that IS a great return. They are stunning.

    That pink one - took my breath away for as second there. I love love LOVE it. Beautiful.

  2. How wonderful to have orchids in your garden. No such treats here.

  3. Oh Wow. They are just beautiful. Love them all, but I think your favourite is mine too.

  4. How pretty are your orchids, love all the colours.

  5. They are super terrific and I am always sorry that we've had little success with them. That new YELLOW one...oh wow!!! Must pop up soon to see them "in the flesh". Maybe your dear hubby could give us some pointers as just a couple would be great to have. We could try again.

  6. Orchids...are my absolute favourite.

  7. Those lime green orchids are the exact same ones my bridesmaids carried back in 1971. My mum insisted on them. I carried white orchids. My mum insisted on them. I'm not a big fan of orchids, but it made mum happy. I really like the dark pink ones you have pictured there.

  8. @ Melissa - they grow like weeds on our back patio, we must have just the right climate. Of course hubby fertilizes them from time to time and we hand water them very occasionally.

    @mybabyjohn - you would need a glass house in Canada I think?

    @the elephant's child, @greenthumb, @mimsie - they are indeed gorgeous

    @rianna - I thought you might like them my love

    @river - really, they are the same, how lovely. You were sweet to make your Mum happy, what would you have like to carrry?



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