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Sunday, August 28, 2011

For MyBabyJohn - The Antics of Max

This post is just for you MyBabyJohn - thanks for your continued support and comments on my blog.

I friend of ours has asked us to sell his drum kit while he is away in America. Max has smelt every single piece of it and then popped inside the bass drum (there is a small hole, which is meant to be there, and in he popped and out he hopped and in he popped and out he hopped, over and over again!). Now I should also mention the drum was not standing up like it normally would in which case the said hole is near the floor. No it was on it's back, so to speak, and the hole was up in on top!

Max has some toy mice, which he has loved to near extinction, so I bought him some new ones, one of which somehow got it's head stuck in the door of the fridge and Max spent some time trying to pull it free. Hubby eventually released the poor mouse so Max could throw it in the air and run around with it in his mouth.

Max also has a unique style when using the litter tray, he stands up rather than squatting like other cats, resting his front paws on the cover of the tray. He also digs all the way to China to make the hole and then when covering the contents up again. Hubby reckons he will need a mining licence soon - lol.

As previously mentioned Max likes to ensure that our waste bins in our studies no longer stand upright but rather rest on their sides. He also does this with the toilet roll basket in the toilet that holds the new toilet rolls. Once he has knocked the basket over he then proceeds to take a toilet roll out for a run. Shredded toilet paper is becoming the style of the hall just outside the loo.

Max also has to come into the bathroom with me when I shower, he sits on the bathmat waiting for me to finish then rubs against my wet legs before sitting down to watch while I dry myself. When I leave the bathroom he then runs as fast as he can to beat me to the bedroom where he jumps on the bed to watch me dress. He also has to come to the toilet with me and if I close the door so he can't come in, he cries on the other side.

Max also claws my hubby's thongs, running shoes and eats the laces on his work shoes.

Max loves exploring and on numerous times has accidentally been shut in a kitchen cupboard. Luckily for him, each time not for long.

I can say that the mandarin peel worked and Max left my flowers alone for a whole week. I can also say that he is calming down a lot with less Mad Max runs around the house - they are not totally gone but definitely on the decline.


  1. Love it to pieces. Max definitely has a relative over the other side of Oz. Jazz loves to rub (and moult) on my wet legs. He also tries to climb into my pants before I can.
    Thanks for a post which has me smiling lots. And thanks to mybabyjohn as well.

  2. I can never get enough cat stories....but really, a peeping tom cat who's into drumming? Rock 'n Roll Max.



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