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Friday, August 26, 2011

I Nearly Blogged About ....

On Monday, I nearly blogged about the results of The Block, had the post written in my head as I lay in bed on Sunday night. Then life got in the way.

On Tuesday, I nearly blogged about the antics of Max, my hayfever and just stuff and nonsense.

On Wednesday, I nearly blogged about, well now I come to think about it - I didn't even turn the computer on - lol

On Thursday, I nearly blogged about a day in the country with work.

On Friday (today) I finally blogged about - well nothing really.

It has just been one of those weeks.

On the weekend I will be blogging about sharing some bloggy love, some personal stuff and maybe my 450th post, because this one is 449!!

Hope you week has been more 'blog productive'. Off to read some of what you have been saying now.


  1. 450! Looking forward to it. (I've forgotten how one goes a day without turning the computer on. It honestly seems somewhat unfathomable to me!!!!)



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