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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Playful Max

Just in case you missed this photo from my last Max post,
here he is checking out the reusable shopping bag

Max has a habit of carrying things around in his mouth, like pens and pegs, pieces of paper. Quite often he drops them in his water bowl and then fishes them out again, he likes playing with water.

This week we have had a pink peg (three times), a glitter pen, an eraser, a green peg, and 3 different leaves. The other weekend when my littlest grandie came to visit and was playing with the lego, a pair of lego people legs ended up in the water bowl - lol. Max likes playing with lego too.

The other thing he is suddenly has a fetish about is our waste paper rubbish bins, the ones in our studies that papers and the like go in. Apparently they have to be on their sides so he can carry out all the bits and pieces. As soon as you stand them up again, he knocks them down. Hence we now have vertically challenged waste paper rubbish bins.

Max's other newest adventure is climbing in my linen cupboard. He likes me to open the door so he can practice his rock (shelf) climbing skills. He can climb all the way to top, just below ceiling height. But mostly he likes hiding in there and playing hide and seek.

He also carried the disposable razor from my shower to the other bathroom, just in case hubby needed to shave with it.

Another favourite place at the moment is behind our television, he tries to find where the people go! Needless to say, we get him out of there quick smart. It was a real problem with Le Tour was on, he was fascinated by the cyclists.

He also loves hopping into bags, my handbag, the reusable shopping bags, plastic bags, paper bags, my suitcase - any bags really.

I am happy to report that he has calmed down a little this week, goodness knows if it will last once we both go back to work next week and he is home by himself.


  1. He sounds like an absolute riot. Why don't you get him a playmate?

  2. What a fun cat you have, my cat likes the suitcase and the shoes.

  3. It sounds as if Max is related to Jazz n Jewel who both like picking things up and carrying them off. Though the all time best at that trick was the late lamented Medlyn. Medlyn regularly brought home children's toys, a house painting brush, lamb loin chops someone had obviously set a window sill to thaw and fish fillets ditto.
    Really happy that Max is calming down a little.

  4. That is one cute cat you have there! My in-laws cat and house-sat for us while we were away, and our kitty kept them entertained so much that they're keen to have one just like him. Lovely, entertaining friends aren't they?



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