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Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh Max!!!

This kitten may end up being the cause of divorce, or worse case (yep even worse than divorce) I may have to find him a new home (to keep the peace).

I love this little bugger to death, but he is pushing the limits of my patience and my hubby's has all gone. We even fought about it today - I mean, who fights over a kitten?

I see his antics as those of a 10 month old kitten - a teenager in fact, who is pushing his boundaries - after all don't all teenagers do that? Hubby sees him as a bully, naughty and arrogant, because he pushes the buttons of our old cat (poking the bear we call it), climbs on the benches, runs crazily around the house and occasionally attacks hubby.

In Max's defence, hubby plays rough with Max all the time, and now that Max plays rough back - well who's fault is that.

In any household there is the old bull young bull scenario, that is what I see happening with Max and Jarmie, and lets face it, most of the time they are okay together. But while I was in Melbourne Max and Jarmie got a little rough with each other and now Jarmie is limping - so it is Max's fault - even though hubby did not see Max actually hurt Jarmie.

And I am sick of hearing MAX, being yelled out down the hallways (although occasionally it is me yelling that). Or, today, when I feel like crap (came home sick from Melbourne) having hubby go on and on and on about it all. So I chucked the sads and yelled at hubby, I mean what does he want me to do about it.

Apparently all he wants is me to hear him whinging - really, well that is not me right now.

So hubby is sulking, Max is still his crazy self and Jarmie is hiding because there is thunder about. All I want to do is go to bed. Sigh - Oh Max, I love you but you better buck up matey or maybe it will be off to another home, and that is not something I want to contemplate right now.

Looks like he is in the bag ready to go! Who can be mad at him for too long?


  1. Oh yes...bad bad idea to play rough with kittens....they actually feel threatened and start to instigate roughness to show you they are NOT going to take it any more. We had one for a while that thought he was Alpha and never did get thoroughly over it. Lots of gentle loving care and ignoring them when they get rough helps a bit. Throwing a man into any situation will only make it worse ..they are such little kids. Good luck.

  2. Jazz is a teenage hoodlum. Though at probably 2ish (we adopted him) he should have grown out of that stage. He monsters Jewel and attacks me. His current tricks include hooking his front paws into my behind and lifting his hind legs off the ground. Pain and blood. Mine. He wakes me by reaching under the bed clothes and slashing. And is nice as pie to the smaller portion who repeatedly tells me how cute he is. And Paper Chipmunk's cat Dominic attacks her and her other cats and leaves her husband alone. I need some alpha pheronome spray.

    Good luck with Max - who looks enchanting in this shot.

  3. Prozac perhaps or similar. Ypur vet should be able to advise you. Personally I would let him outside and he would have to take his chances and you are home at present so could see how he gets on. He is so beautiful and I feel for all 4 of you and hope you can find a solution soon.

  4. Yes, can you make him an outdoor kitty? I know there are dangers, but he would probably have the same issues in another house.

  5. Thanks everyone, we are thinking about letting him outside, but he is so curious and with all the dogs around I am just worried about him jumping the fence into the jaws of the huge dog next door.

    I will be talking to the vet too.

    @Elephant's Child - ouch to the catching a ride on your bootie train - naughty Jazz!! It seems I am the Alpha here as he is not too bad with me, but bullies Jarmie and hubby.

    @mybabyjohn - lol with the throw a man into the situation comment - oh so true.

    @Wanderlust - I agree, giving him away is not the solution.

    @ Mimsie - yes, hopefully the solution will come sooner rather than later.



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