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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Max Proofing - Whatever Works

Max likes to eat flowers, more than once I have come home/woken to find either the vase knocked over and water everywhere, or leaves and petals, sometimes even whole flower heads, strewn on the bench.

Yesterday I bought myself some lovely yellow and white roses, got them home and within 2 minutes of me starting to put them in the vase, Max was there on the bench trying to eat the foliage!!

Once the vase of flowers was ready, I moved them to another part of the bench, thinking maybe he wouldn't notice. Right!!

So after numerous times of me getting him off the bench, I ended up putting the vase in the bathroom and shutting the door. Sort of defeated the purpose of having some nice flowers in the house.

A little later I was eating a mandarin and Max jumped on my knee, smelt the citrus, wrinkled his nose and jumped down again. This reminded me, derr, that cats don't like citrus.

Here now is my vase of roses ... and so far, Max has left them alone.

So okay, not the best decorating idea, but I can ignore them and just concentrate on the roses.


  1. Glorious roses. And I will have to try that trick. Jazz too loves flowers. To chew on. To pull from their vases. To destroy basically. At the moment we have a vase of everlasting daisies in the kitchen which he finds irresistable.

  2. Those flowers are stunning! Yellow and white roses....happy, joyous.

    The citrus peel is funny. :D Quite the statement.

  3. You. max is so funny, I hope it works.

  4. They are so funny aren't they? We had one that tried to get into each and every flower pot. The vet told me to sprinkle cayenne pepper on the soil and the lower leaves...won't hurt the cat will deter the cat. Citrus sounds a little more humane. Maybe a mix of citrus essential oil in water in a spritz bottle?

  5. Thanks everyone for commenting. Max is very naughty when it comes to flowers. So far this is still working, but I need to replace the peel tomorrow. Good thought mybabyjohn about the essential oil will have to try that.

    @the elephant's child - Jazz and Max are cut from the same cloth - lol.

    Night all xxx

  6. I too was going to suggest citrus oil in a diffuser perhaps. Precious doesn't like citrus although I have had cats over the years who don't seem to mind. Might depend on how keen their sense of smell is. I remember my mother years ago rolling an orange across our floor and our cat running to get away from it. That's when I learned about cats vs citrus.



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