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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Have You Dropped By Today? - Sharing Some Blog Love

One of the things mentioned at Nuffnang's 2011 Blogopolis was about your own blogging community, how you important they are, especially those that have been around for a while. You know the ones you have loved for a long time, or the ones that regularly come and love you back.

I have been a little absence from my blog of late, and a little absent from many of my beautiful blogger friends blogs as well. I try and pop in at least once a week and read more than one post, sometime I comment and sometimes I don't.

So today I am sharing some blog love with just a few of the bloggers I have visited in the last couple of days. Melissa over at The Things I'd Tell You did something similar yesterday - talk about great minds thinking alike and I recommend you pop over and check out her list too as it saves me duplicating here on my blog.

Pop over and check out

The Dog Days Are Not Over or My Humans Are Fools - By The Cat @ I'll Think Of A Title Later - If both of these don't get you smiling/giggling then you have no funny bone!

I Like A Good Rack @ The Mummy Autobiography - now that post title is going to grab a few randoms, just like The Planning Queen's Chicken Balls post that she spoke about in Melbourne.

More Whinging @ The Elephant's Child - she could do with a little bloggy love as her MS is causing her considerable pain.

Can't Cook For Quids @ NappyDaze - a woman after my own heart, this post has some beef (cake) in the form of her brother in law - well worth a look (although a slightly larger photo next time please Donna).

And last but not least, The Feathered Nest has a squirrel problem, just loving her Camper series. (I hope this link works but if not, just click on the wildlife tag and all the stories will pop up - you have to start at the bottom and work up, but it is worth it. Well for this Aussie it is, I mean we don't have squirrels unless it is the odd nutcase we come across).


  1. Thanks for the "shout out". I love you too.

  2. Thank you. Lots. Now I going to check out the blogs you mentioned that I don't already know (and love).

  3. Oh you have made me laugh out loud! If you like there is an A4 shot in the latest Cleo mag of him :)

    Thanks truly too for including me, I feel absolutely so honoured! I always love getting comments from you - your last one literally saved me as I was feeling a bit wobbly with writing confidence and wondering whether it was worth continuing to grapple with the written word.. You boosted the old self esteem incredibly and I truly thank you! :)

    I never seem to find enough time to read all the blogs I'd like too (glad its not just me!) but am heading straight over to check out your recommendations here.

    Thank you again, a million times over!

  4. Thanks for the plug hon, the cat and dog are loving the attention ;)



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