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Thursday, February 25, 2010

All The Dumb Things

How many of these can you relate to:

Not remembering you have washed you hair even though you only rinsed it out moments before and then washing it again - all those bubbles let you know that you have already washed it.

Getting home from work, changing your clothes - redressing and then realising that you took you bra off without even realising you had done it.

Wearing 2 different coloured shoes to work, same style and brand - one black, one navy.

Wearing your slippers to work and realising you didn't have a spare pair of shoes in the car.

Getting to work and realising you didn't wash the conditioner out of your hair.

Putting on your knickers and pants without pulling either up, standing up and then only pulling your pants up - you try walking with your knickers still half way up your thighs.

Brushing you teeth and realising you forgot to toothpaste on the brush.

Not a bad list of dumb things, and I am sure there would be more if I put my mind to it. Love to read your list one day.

And the great Aussie Paul Kelly's song right here


  1. I've done not all, but MANY of these thing! P.S. I'm not telling you which ones!!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. I went out once and forgot my bottom plate (nobody really wants to know that do they?) but fortunately you can't really tell.
    Not sure I've done any of the other things even though I'm getting on in years but will give it some thought.



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