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Monday, February 1, 2010

Photo A Day - February Challenge - Day 1

An interesting way to start the challenge is by taking a photo of a photo. But that's me, always a little left of centre.

Here is a photo of my hubby's Nanna when she was a child, it is a copy of an original photo taken back in the early 1900's.

So what prompted me to take a photo of a photo, well a conversation my hubby and I had tonight when we got home. He saw the photo and just happened to comment that he had been talking with our eldest daughter about saving and keeping digital photos. How CDs, DVDs, Memory Cards and Pen/Flash Drives even external hard drives are not fail-safe, in fact CDs quite often fail within 2-4 years of burning data onto them. His comment to her was, the only way to save a photo is to print it out and have a hard copy, that way you can always scan it later.

An interesting point, given that now when shooting with digital cameras we take hundreds of photos rather than 24 or 36 which were the old film stock limits. An awful lot of hard copies sitting around just in case.

I wonder how you store your digital photos, do you have a fail-safe way, if so I would love to hear it. Maybe sometimes new technology is not always a step forward - you know the old 1 step forward, 2 steps back philosophy?


  1. After writing this I am going to my whiteboard and writing 'back up photos x 6'. Good subject and something we should always take more care with. Great photo!

  2. There's always online storage, which usually are more "fail safe" than any normal back up. I keep mine both on my computer and on an external harddrive, and hoping that's enough.

  3. I keep copies of our photos on two different hard drives, plus I print out the best ones for an actual, physical album. I also have them saved onto a USB stick which I carry in my handbag. I'm not taking any chances!



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